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. Ushi No Tane

The Hot House needs to be built in order for you to use it. You can have Ken build it for you for 50000G and 600 wood. You can grow flowers and herbs year round inside the Hot House and the plants inside are not affected by storm damage. Once built, the Hot House will be located next to the wood bin in the southeast corner of the farm.

Inside Greenhouse, flower side Inside Greenhouse, herb side

There are two sides to the Hot House. The left side holds the flowers and the right side holds the herbs. You can buy flower and herb seeds from Daisy year round, but first you have to buy pots to plant in. Pots are also sold by Daisy and she charges 200G a piece. You need 32 pots to fill up all of the shelves in the Hot House. Pots are taken out of the bin to the right of the door and placed on the shelves. Once you put a pot on the shelf, you cant remove it if there is something planted or growing in it. If there is nothing in the Pot you can (if you want) pick the Pot up off of the shelf and place it back in the Pot bin.

Daisy will sell certain seeds depending on what gender your farmer is. If you choose to be a boy, she will sell Sage, Saffron, Geranium, and Primrose seeds. If you choose a girl, she will sell Rosemary, Camomile, Lavender, and Orchid seeds. If you want to grow the other gender's plants and to fill in the information in Mary's book on plants, you need to trade seeds with another gamepack via the Gameboy link cable. Information on link cable trading can be found in the Trade Center section.

If you try to grow a flower seed in the herb portion of the Hot House, the seed will never sprout. Likewise if you try to plant a herb in the flower portion. The icon for the flower seeds look like a paper bag folded over and the icon for the herb seeds looks like a bag with rabbit ears. You can only plant one seed per pot. Don't forget to water your pots each day! The pot will change to a darker color once it has been watered for the day.

Bill, who runs the Tool Shop, will have Scissors for sale which you need to harvest your flowers and herbs when they bloom. To use the Scissors, just equip them and press the A BUTTON when you are standing in front of a pot. You will be able to pick the flower out of it's pot and place it in the shipping bin located to the left of the Hot House entrance.

NameTo Buy To SellWhereWhen
Flowerpot200G --DJNeeded for planting in the Hot House
Scissors1200G --BillAppear once the Hot House is built, needed for flower/herb harvest
Rosemary Seed100G --DaisyGirl only, year round, grows in 8 days
Rosemary-- 150GBuyerDoes not regrow
Camomile Seed150G --DaisyGirl only, year round, grows in 8 days
Camomile-- 150GBuyerDoes not regrow
Sage Seed100G --DaisyBoy only, year round, grows in 9 days
Sage-- 200GBuyerDoes not regrow
Saffron Seed100G --DaisyBoy only, year round, grows in 9 days
Saffron-- 200GBuyerDoes not regrow
Lavender Seed100G --DaisyGirl only, year round, grows in 8 days
Lavender-- 250GBuyerDoes not regrow
Orchid Seed300G --DaisyGirl only, year round, grows in 11 days
Orchid-- 500GBuyerDoes not regrow
Geranium Seed100G --DaisyBoy only, year round, grows in 6 days
Geranium-- 250GBuyerDoes not regrow
Primrose Seed300G --DaisyBoy only, year round, grows in 9 days
Primrose-- 350GBuyerDoes not regrow
Amarylis--150GBuyerReceive from LotRK2
G. Lily--350GBuyerReceive from LotRK2
Narcisus--450GBuyerReceive from LotRK2
Pink--250GBuyerReceive from LotRK2
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