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. Ushi No Tane

The Mini Games are available after certain events occur in the game. There are 3 games total. Usually after one of the events the game is for sale at Bill and Will's Tool Shop. To play the games check the weather report on TV. After the report you are asked if you would like to play a game. When you want to stop playing the games, press the B BUTTON to cancel out or select the game console icon to turn it off.

 Game #1: Mole Bash

When you hoe your field you may have noticed the moles that pop up every so often. Typically they're harmless to your crops and will go back underground after a while. After you uncover a few moles you have the option of playing a "Wack 'a Mole" game.

You have 50 seconds to smash as many moles as you can. The 4-group mole holes are assigned to your directional pad and the 2-group on the right are the A and B BUTTONS on your Gameboy. When a mole pops his head out, press the correct button to smash it back down. The game will start out slow, but after a while will build up speed and it seems that moles start popping up from everywhere at once. If you smash all 100 moles in 50 seconds you're declared the "Mole Bash Master".

There are three different types of creatures to hit. The brown moles move slowly and are easy to whack. The yellow moles move faster and are more difficult to hit. There are also green frogs that you aren't suppose to hit. If you whack a green frog, you will get a big black X and the frog won't count for your total.

 Game #2 : Horse Racing

Your horse should be full grown by the time the Sakura Cup arrives on the 15th of Spring, second year. After racing in the Sakura Cup, the mini game can be purchased for 3480G from Bill and Will's Tool Shop. It doesn't matter if you win or loose the Sakura Cup, the mini game shows up anyway.

You'll race against Daisy and Chet. There will be a mole who is playing the part of the starter. The mole will show a sign that he'll twirl around to make it count down from 3. Once you see "GO!" on his sign then you can start pressing the A and B BUTTONS on your Gameboy. To make yourself move, you have to press the A BUTTON then the B BUTTON then again and again. The faster you press the buttons, the faster your horse will go. If you press the A BUTTON before you see "GO!" it counts as a false start and you'll have to wait for the mole to count down again. If you false start twice, the game ends and you automatically loose.

At the end of the race, each racer's rank and the winning race time is shown. At the bottom of the screen will be your fastest race time, so you can compare it to the winners to see how well you did.

  Game #3 : Puzzle Slide

Puzzle game After you become close friend with Mary (who runs the Library), she'll give you the treasure map that she found while cleaning. The map is scrambled up when you receive it. If you unscramble the map you'll be able to buy the Puzzle game from Bill for 3480G.

When you start the Puzzle game, you get a picture with 15 blocks and 1 block that is missing. Your goal is to move the slide the blocks around (up, down, left, or right) so that they line up and make a complete picture. You can view what the picture is suppose to look like by pressing the SELECT button. If you want to give up you would press the START button.

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