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. Ushi No Tane

When you go to town and talk with the folks in their shops, they'll give you a speach if you choose the "talk" option. Eventually if you talk to them enough times, their speach will change. Your friendship with them will raise and you can obtain new events and even receive gifts.

The easiest way to raise your friendship is just to visit and talk with them. The other way is to give them gifts. Usually you cant give anybody a gift because they're all inside their shops. On Sundays though most of them are outside. You can give them anything as a gift, which could be an egg, berries, or even flowers that you've grown in the Hot House. To give someone a gift, pick up the item and run back to the village with it. Then stand next to the person you wish to receive your gift and "toss" (press A again) it at them. If your aim is right you'll receive a "thank you" message. If you miss then your gift ends up destroyed on the ground.

Each person listed below has 5 different speaches they'll give depending on how your friendship is with them. It takes approximatly 25 days of talking with someone in order for the speach to change. That's with talking to them every day. It will take longer if you dont head to town every day to talk to everybody. Sometimes the speaches seem a little odd (as though the grammer is incorret), but that's due to translation flaws. You can also ruin your friendships. For example, letting a lot of your cows and sheep die will drop Chet's speach down in levels.

Bill Bill
1. You working the farm today, too?
2. Can you tell us apart? Who am I?
3. We build the computer that's in the library
4. We're thinking of making a time machine next..
5. We guess the time machine's just a dream...

Cain Cain
1. {your name}
2. This is a nice place to live
3. Have you heard the words of the Goddess...?
4. I have a feeling something will happen... soon
5. Life's a cycle of ups and downs

Chet Chet
1. How's the farm?
2. Are you taking good care of {pet's name}
3. You have to treat animals with affection
4. It's hard work, but you're the kind of person who can do it.
5. Come whenever you've got problems with the animals.

Chocola Chocola
1. Sneak a little chocolate and eat it in secret Just kidding
2. Eat well or you'll run out of steam
3. Come on in {your name}. Eat hardy.

Daisy Daisy
1. Water Daily
2. Hi! What'll it be today? I highly recommend everything
3. It's hard work, but never give up, {your name}
4. I wish I had a younger sister like Chocola...
5. I'm so happy when you come to visit

Ken Ken
1. Working hard?
2. Working hard, {your name}?
3. Is something the matter {your name}? Do you want to talk with me?
4. I'd like to try working the field sometime.
5. Keep it up {your name}.Go for it!

Mary Mary
1. H... hello
2. I... ah... um... nevermind
3. I've read so many books now in library...
4. The main character in this novel... He's like you.
5. T... thank you very much for coming today

Rosie Rosie
1. Would you like some food?
2. How is {pet's name}? Be nice to it please
3. Hello {your name}. Are you working today too?
4. You should eat 3 square meals a day or you'll poop out.
5. Actually, I love animals.
. . .