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. Ushi No Tane

The village is where you can go to purchase seeds, animals, visit shops, and mingle in with the townsfolk on their day off. There are 9 houses located in the village in a 3 x 3 grid set up. The Town Square is located north between the Church and the Flower shop. The shops are open Monday through Saturday from 6am (beginning of game day) to 6pm (beginning of game night). On Sunday all of the shops are closed and the shopkeepers are found wandering through the Village and in the Town Square. If it's raining/snowing outside the villagers will stay in their shops.

In the northwest corner of the Town Square is the Bulletin Board. The board holds helpful hints on how to be a good farmer, messages about new items for sale, and notices on upcoming village events. When a new message appears on the board, the word NEW will be on the message. To read a message just use the directional pad and then press the A BUTTON to select which message you want to read.

Mayor's House


Flower Shop

Carpenter Shop


Tool Shop



Animal Shop

Mayor's House - Upper Left corner - He basically will stand outside his house and encourage you along your quest to rebuilding the farm. There is no way of getting inside his house except for the very beginning and the very end (if all goes well).

Church - Upper Middle - Cain is in charge of the Church, which will open its doors after the 15th of Spring in the first year. You can go to her and pray to the Harvest Goddess.

Flower Shop - Upper Right corner - Daisy sells seeds and flower pots.

Carpenter Shop - Middle Left side - Ken is an engineer who enjoys building stuff, whether it's a building or a bridge. If you visit him and ask him to give you and appraisal, he'll arrive at your farm house the next day and will tell you how much wood and gold you need for whatever you picked.

Clinic - Middle - A much needed addition to Harvest Moon 2. Often when you work in the field (especially if it's raining) you'll become weak and tired. Heading to the Clinic will cure you so you don't stay in bed all day (and you don't water your crops or feed your animals).

Tool Shop - Middle Right side - Will the inventor sells you various item you will use. He sells some items for animals and some for crops. He also helps with tool upgrades.

Library - Lower Left corner - Mary is the shy librarian who is in charge of the Library. The collection books are located here, along with the photo album and the Computer used to trade items from one gamepack to another.

Restaurant - Your supply of food and drink come from Rosie. She will sell you packs of food, or if you're weak at the time, will sell you single servings of food to replenish your health.

Animal Shop - Chet sells animals and animal supplies. He will only sell you animals if he feels as though you've planted enough grass.

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