Horse Barn

Horses don't bring any daily profit in, but they sure are cute to look at! Your Horse barn is directly behind your house, next to the wood bin.

To buy your first horse, you need at least 6 patches of grass growing out in the pasture behind the horse barn. Some people may need more, but 6 is the minimum. Once you have enough grass, take the boat to the Mainland and go to the Farmer's Union. In the lower right corner is where you'll find the animals. Walk up to the happy horse icon and press the A Button. If you can buy a horse, you'll be told they cost 4000 G each. You then get to choose between a male or female horse. After that you get to choose a name. If you don't have enough grass planted then you'll receive a message telling you so. Once the horse becomes an adult you can sell it back to the Farmer's Union for 5000 G.

Your new horse will just be a small baby. A horse goes from baby to adult so there's no middle stage. There are three different colors of horses you can get: dark brown, medium brown, and beige. The beige-colored one will have a mane and tail the same color as your bananda color, so if you see a horse with a green tail don't be too surprised.

Baby horse... ... in 25 days becomes... an Adult horse

There's not a whole lot you can do with horses. If you buy the Saddle from Lucus' Tool Shop then you can ride them around the yard of your farm. You can't take them out to the field or out to the Island Map. You can enter then in the semi-annual horse race though.

Riding around

Only adult horses can be entered, and the higher the horse's affection rate then the better it does. It's always a good idea to only enter horses that have 10 hearts. Once you enter a horse you can't get the horse back so make sure you're willing to part with it before registering it in the race.

To register the horse go to the Farmer's Union and by the lady who gives out part-time jobs you'll see a horse graphic. Just press the A Button in front of the horse graphic and you can enter the race.

There are seperate races for the males (Derby Race) and females (Filly Race). The Cherry Cup race occurs on the 15th of Spring and the autumn race occurs on the 15th of Fall. After the 15th, Lyla at the book store will have a report for sale that documents who won the races. Once you buy the reports they'll automatically update with the yearly winners while they sit in your bookshelf.