The sheep barn

The last barn belongs to the Sheep. The inside is just like the horse and cow barns. It has 8 stalls for animals, 2 feeding bins, and a special stall for pregnant sheep.

In order to be able to buy sheep from the Farmer's Union you'll need at least 6 patches of grass growing in the pasture behind the barn. Once you have that you can buy a baby lamb from the Union for 3000 G. It isn't as important if you have a male or female sheep since both genders can supply you with wool.

Baby sheep... ... in 22 days becomes... ... and adult sheep

Once the sheep have grown to be adults you can collect their wool. If you're playing a girl game, you can use the Clippers (for 2000 G at the Farmer's Union) to shave your sheep. If you're playing a boy game then you'll need to have your partner harvest the wool by selecting "Anything" or "M-E-W" as her daily chore. You can sell your adult sheep back to the Farmer's Union for 3000 G.

Taking care of the sheep

Since you can't use the Brush on sheep, you'll have to use Shampoo instead. In the girl game you can buy it at the Farmer's Union for 800 G. In the boy game the Shampoo can't be bought. Your partner will always tell you that she took care of 0 sheep because she doesn't have any Shampoo. You can get her to take care of the sheep by trading Shampoo from a girl game into your boy game. Information on how to do that is in the Trading section.

A sheep's wool will automatically grow back in 7 days. They're definitely not the money makers that cows and chickens are, but they're cute and fuzzy so how can you resist! When a sheep reaches maturity (adult) it can only be bred when it has all of its wool. You can't shave a pregnant sheep!

Sheep's wool can be converted into Yarn and Sweater for a higher selling price. Normally wool sells for a not-so-bad price: 150 G for small wool, 200 G for medium wool, and 250 G for large wool.

After you ship 100 pieces of wool, the Yarn and wool Sweater machines can be purchased from Lucus for 30,000 G each. To use the machines, take any size of wool, toss it into the machine, and it will be converted. You can sell Yarn and Sweater for 300 G each. Since the machines' products sell for the same amount it doesn't really matter if you only get one machine or get both of them, although to receive the Lyla knits a scarf event you'll need to own the Yarn machine. If you buy the Yarn for Beginners and Easy Knitting books from Lyla's Shop, your girl partner will also randomly make Yarn and Sweater.