Billy's Fishing Rod

Billy's Fishing Rod
When: Anytime
Who: Billy, in the Village on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday

A great way to make money in Harvest Moon is to sell fish. Unfortunately you don't have a Fishing Rod when you first start out. To receive the Fishing Rod you're going to have to become friends with Billy. Give him items like eggs and produce you've grown in your field. You can give him Wild Berries and Cherries too. Eventually Billy will tell you that he has to fix his boat, but unfortunately he lost his Hammer. If you let him borrow yours the next time you see him ,he'll give you the Fishing Rod and your Hammer back. On average it takes until late Spring/early Summer before Billy will ask to borrow your Hammer.

Billy and Elza's Boat

Billy and Elza's Boat
When: Anytime
Who: Billy and Elza, Sunday

Once you receive the Fishing Rod from Billy, continue to give him and Elza gifts that you have grown on your farm. About a season or so after receiving the rod, Billy will thank you again for allowing him to borrow your Hammer. In return for your kindness he and Elza have decided to give you their old boat! The boat will be docked by the lighthouse in the lower left corner of the Village. To use the boat just walk up to it and press the A Button.

Animal Funeral

Animal Funeral
When: Anytime
Who: You and your partner

If you forget to feed your animals for 4 days, they'll become sick. You can buy instant-cure medicine from the Farmer's Union for each type of animal you have. If you don't cure their sickness your animals will eventually die. Your partner will come in and announce that they've passed away. Then you have to attend a funeral!

Friday the 13th

Super Bad Luck Day!
When: Friday the 13th, any season
Who: You

We've always been told that Friday the 13th is full of bad luck. In Harvest Moon 3 that's also true. You'll wake up at Noon instead of 6am, all of your livestock is unhappy, and you can't catch any fish while fishing! Even the stores are all closed! Don't worry though because once you go to bed and wake up the next morning, your luck will be good again. Unfortunately it takes a few days for your livestock to feel the same way.

The Missing Cat

Where is the Cat?!
When: 29th of Spring, first year (cat owners only)
Who: You, Partner, Kate, Kirk, Bigbee, Elder

In the morning your Partner tells you that the cat seems to be missing! She/he requests that you go into town to investigate. First talk with the Villagers who deny seeing your cat. Talk to the Elder again and he'll mention that he saw somebody holding a cat last night between midnight and 2am. Since Elza and Billy are gone fishing he assumes the person he saw was either Kate, Bigbee, or Kirk. Talk to each of them to see where they were last night, then return to your Partner. You'll be asked to guess at which one of the Villagers took your cat. Your cat will be returned to you the next day.

Volcano Eruption

The Volcano Erupts
When: 9th of Spring, second year
Who: You

There's nothing like waking up in the morning during the middle of an earthquake! Your Partner tells you that the volcano that resides on the island has erupted and he/she wants you to go check out the damage. Besides a good chunk of your crops being destroyed and rocks all over your field, there is a path that leads up to the summit in the Mountains. You'll find a cave up there and inside will be a piece of a glacier.

The glacier ice can go to Lucus, who will convert your shipping bin into a fridge so your items don't rot anymore. Of course after that you won't be able to receive fertilizer from the garbage disposal either. Along the right-wall of the cave you'll find a secret passage that takes you to a sprite. To keep his location hidden he'll bribe you with a Power Berry.

Summer Fireworks

Summer Fireworks
When: 20th of Summer
Who: You and Kate

Kate will come to your door when you leave your house in the morning and invite you to watch the fireworks with her. She'll meet you at 8pm on the Cliff. Go there to watch the display over the Mainland.


Snowboarding Contest
When: Winter, all season
Who: You

This isn't really an event, but every Winter you can go to the Grassland and play the Snowboarding mini game. First you have to have the Snowboard of course! Complete information on how the mini game works can be located right here.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse
When: 1st Monday in Summer, even-numbered years
Who: You

So you're doing your farm work one day and suddenly the sky goes dark! It's the end of the world! Nooo... it's just a solar eclipse. The entire island is night when it's only afternoon. Talk to the Elder in the Village if you're scared and he'll tell you how they occur. At 3pm the sun comes back and everything looks bright again.

Marla the Mermaid's notes

Mermaid's friendship
When: Anytime (must own the boat)
Who: You, Marla

After you receive your own boat some bottles will appear on the beach area in the Village. They're from Marla, a mermaid who lives in a cave in the ocean. If you answer her questions correctly she'll invite you to visit her. You can even earn a Power Berry! More information on this event can be found in the Power Berry Information page.

The red river

The Red Lake, part 1
When: 24th of Fall
Who: Elder, You

Talk to the Elder around 9am on the 24th and he'll tell you to go to the lake in the Forest. When you go there it's red! The red lake will last from 9am to 12pm. If you go back and talk to the Elder he'll tell the story about Rocky, his love Marla, and why the lake turns red on this day.

Kirk's story The Red Lake, part 2
When: 25th of Fall
Who: You, Kirk

Soon after you see the Red Lake, go talk with Kirk in the Village the next time you see him. He says he knows the story about the Red Lake and asks if you want to hear it. If so select "yes" and he'll tell you the tale. Rocky the sailor also had a twin brother named Ricky. Ricky was in love with poor Marla too, so he devised a plan to destroy his brother. Marla waited for her love to return but Rocky's boat sank so she followed him into the sea.

Marla's story

The Red Lake, part 3
When: Fall
Who: You, Marla

After hearing the story from Kirk, go visit Marla in her cave. She's surprised to hear that her story between her and Rocky have become a legend on the Island. Marla believes that Rocky is still alive somewhere and she waits for him to return. She doesn't appear to have any idea that Ricky was the one who sank her beloved's boat.

Billy fixes lighthouse

Billy fixes the lighthouse
When: Anytime
Who: You, Billy

The lighthouse is in bad shape and Billy wants to fix it. He asks you for some lumber so he can do the repairs. It's up to you whether you want to help him or not. If you do he'll tell you how much wood he needs. This event is a little buggy; Billy will ask you for 200 pieces more then what you have currently in your wood bin at your farm. So if you have 550 pieces of lumber he'll ask you for 750 pieces. If you have 800 pieces of lumber or more you won't be able to complete this event; Billy will want 1000 pieces of lumber (or more, but he'll ask for 999) and your wood bin can only hold 999 pieces. Once you have collected the amount he needs talk to him again and he'll thank you.

The meteor shower

The Winter meteor shower
When: 7th of Winter, 11pm, even-numbered year
Who: You

On the 7th of Winter head to the Cliff area to watch a meteor shower. The meteor shower will occur on every other year, so in your first year it won't be there but on the second, fourth, etc, you can watch it. You can invite Elza to view the shower with you. If you ask her in the morning she will meet you at 11 pm at the Cliff.

The ??? Egg

The ??? Egg
When: Second year
Who: You

The day after you catch the King of Lake for Cozy (see Catch the King! event), return to the Forest and you'll find a small pink egg on the ground. Select "yes" when you're asked if you want to take it home and when you pick it up it will be in your tool inventory screen as a "??? Egg". After 30 days the egg will hatch into a cute little fellow name Pak. You can use Pak as a tool to raise your animal's love levels faster. Pak also allows you to listen to your animal's thoughts!

Which girl to take?
When: Second year, Tuesday or Thursday
Who: You

After you become good friends with Kate and Elza, one day when you talk with them they'll want to meet up with you at 1PM to go to the Mainland. Unfortunately you can only take one of the girls with you! Kate wants you to take her to the movies while Elza wants to go to the Aquarium. What ever you do, don't tell both of them that you'll go! When you talk to one of the girls at 1PM you will automatically go to the Mainland to go through the event and there's no way to get back once it starts. If you tell both Kate and Elza that you'll take them, when you return at 6PM the one you didn't take will be very mad at you. You can always tell the girls "no" if you don't want to take them.