Morning Fair

The Morning Fair
When: Tuesday and Saturday, 6am to 8am (closes at 9am)
Who: Joe at the Mainland Port

Once you have the boat (see Island Events) you can participate in the Morning Fair. Bring your produce to the Mainland between 6am and 8am and Joe will let you in. Five people from Harvest Moon 2 will walk up to your booth and ask you for certain items. If you have it, they'll buy it from you for 500 G. If you don't they'll walk away. You have no way of knowing who will ask for what beforehand, so bring a variety of items.

Sometimes your customers will ask you for the same thing a few different times. A lot of the time you're not going to have what they're asking for. Their requests aren't season specific, so for example Rosie might ask you for a Tomato in the middle of Winter. Some of their requests are odd; Bill seems to want Stones and Lumber! The market will last until 9am. Once it's over you will be back at the boat dock.

Catch the King!

Catch the King!
When: On or after 1st of Spring, second year
Who: Cozy at the Aquarium

Go talk with Cozy and he'll tell you his business isn't doing so well. He wants a really fancy fish to put in his tanks so that people will come to the Aquarium. Cozy said that the Elder mentioned a fish called the King of Lake but he can't go catch it himself. He asks that you go and find the fish for him and bring it back to him before 6pm on the day after tomorrow.

Head back to the Island and to the Forest. At the water side use your Fishing Rod. It may take you a few tries but you'll eventually catch the King of Lake. Take the fish back to Cozy and he'll thank you. If you've already stocked all of the tanks with other fish then the King will be the last one he requires. In exchange he'll give you a Power Berry.

Lukia's sick Mom

Lukia's Sick Mom
When: Anytime
Who: Lukia, seed shop inside of the Shopping Mall

When visiting Lukia one day he'll say that his mother isn't feeling very well. The doctor suggested that some extract from a flower may help her get better. Lukia asks that you find him one of those flowers so his mom can feel better. Lukia is actually asking for flower seeds so if you have the seeds in your inventory when you talk to him again he'll take them from you. He asks for different flower seeds so if you're lucky he'll ask for a flower who's seeds you can purchase. If he asks for a flower that you can't buy seeds for then you'll need a cat or bird and hope they find some for you. You can of course trade with someone who also might have the seeds you need or use a Gameshark code.

Lucas' Cabinet

Lucus' Big Chest
When: Anytime
Who: Lucus, tool shop inside of the Shopping Mall

Lucus wants to build a great big chest, but he doesn't have enough wood. He would like to buy a piece of lumber from you so he can build it. Head back to your farm, grab a piece of lumber, and bring it back to Lucus. Just throw the wood at him and he'll thank you and pay you 300 G. Return back to his shop 5 days later to buy the Kitchen Cabinet for 5000 G.

Lyla's Yarn request

Lyla knits a scarf
When: Fall (Must also have Yarn machine from Lucus)
Who: Lyla at the book shop

Lyla tells you how one day she and her friends went to the Island to have some fun. She liked the animals and other activities and she had so much fun that they lost track of time. The ferry had already closed by the time they wanted to leave! They were in a really sticky situation when Billy came by and gave them a ride back to the Mainland in his boat. Since then Lyla hasn't stopped thinking about him. She wants to knit him a scarf because the ocean can be so cold, but she doesn't have any yarn. She asks that you bring her some Yarn within 1 season. When you bring it back she'll thank you.

Boxing Day!

Boxing week
When: Winter, starting on the 24th
Who: All shops in the Shopping Mall

Normally Boxing day is the day after Christmas, where all of the stores have their after-Christmas sales. Well in Harvest Moon 3 it starts before Christmas and lasts until the end of the year! Everything in the Shopping Mall is half off, including Chloe's food, Lucus' tools, and Lyla's books. Lukia doesn't sell any seeds in the Winter so you won't be able to purchase anything from him. It's a good time of year to buy your farmhouse accessories!