Setting a Goal

Setting a goal
Who: Boy or Girl

Your partner wants to set a goal in order to help the two of you save the farm. He or she wants to set a goal of having at least 3 of each animal and shipped at least 300 items to the Farmer's Union. Your partner sets the time to complete the goal as the end of next Winter, so that gives you 2 years to try and accomplish that.

Sick Girl

Have some soup!
Who: Girl player

In the morning you'll discover that you're sick. It doesn't matter if it was raining the previous day or not, you'll get sick anyway. Your partner will feel sorry for you and take care of the animals and do his job with the crops that day. Later he will work hard to make you some soup! When he feeds you the soup reply with "Good!" after he asks how you liked the soup.

Depressed Dream

Impossible dream?
Who: Boy player

Your partner becomes depressed one morning after doing her chores. She believes that her dad's dream is too difficult of a task for her to complete. Answer her with "Just a dream?" and she'll decide that she shouldn't be depressed because the two of you have what it takes to make the dream possible. She'll thank you for helping her realize that fact.

He hurts his leg

Partner Injury
Who: Girl player

One day when you talk to your boy partner to get him to start watering the fields, he acts kind of funny. Tell him "What's up?" and he'll tell you how he hurt his leg. He says he has already treated his injury but to heal he's not going to be able to work for the next 10 days. That leaves you to take care of the animals and water the fields.

Garbage Disposal

T.V. shopping on the Farm
Who: Boy or Girl

Once you have 50,000 G your partner will see something on television while watching the Shopping Channel. It's a Garbage Disposal and he/she says if you buy it then you two can grow crops faster. If you give your partner the 49,800 G that it costs, in 3 days it will appear in your kitchen. When a day's worth of produce rots in the storage bin, the next day you'll have 1 bag of fertilizer in your tool inventory.

For example, after shipping on the 1st of the season you leave a tomato in the storage bin and let it rot, then you'll have a bag of fertilizer on the 6th. If you decide to leave 5 tomatoes, you'll have 1 bag of fertilizer. If you do not have the television then your partner can't watch the Shopping Channel and you'll never be asked for the money.

The Dad's letter

Dad's letter
Who: Boy player

When you talk to your partner one day she may respond with "... ... ... ... ... ...". That sounds troubling so talk to her again and she'll appear to want to tell you something but she's too shy. Talk to her again and she'll tell you "nevermind". Being persistant, talk to her a fourth time and she'll tell you that she found a letter that your dad wrote to her a long time ago. The letter tells her to "Live for your dreams!". She says she feels lonely but since you're there with her she's not as lonely as she appears to be. Then she laughs nervously.

Moonlight Pendant

The Moonlight pendant
Who: Girl player

One day your partner will show you a pendant. It use to belong to his mother and he likes it very much. Tell him "How beautiful." and he'll tell you that it's made out of a Moonlight Stone, a rare jem that comes out of the mine where he use to live. Tell him "...I" (as rude as that sounds) and he'll tell you he is saving it for the woman he is going to marry so he won't give it to you.

Can I like you?

A serious question
Who: Boy player

Is she beginning to like you? Well you're going to find out soon enough! She wants to know if you want to go somewhere with a pretty view. Respond with "OK. Where?" and she'll ask you to meet her at the spot where you can see the Mainland. The only spot where you can see the outline of the Mainland is at the Cliff, so meet your partner there before midnight. When you talk with her she'll say how quickly the time has gone by since you've been helping her with the farm. After she giggles for a bit your partner will ask you a serious question; is it okey if she likes you? The proper response would be "No, I don't.", which makes her very happy.

Girl marriage proposal

Marriage proposal (girl version)
Who: Girl player

In the morning your partner will tell you he has something important he wants to ask you and he requests that you go meet him at the Cliff. Go there and he will be standing there watching the water. When you talk to him he'll ask if he can stay at the farm and help you forever. If you reply "of course!" then he'll ask if you're sure you would want to live with a guy like him. Reply with "Yes, I'm sure!" and he'll ask if you want to get married! If you want to be married then choose "Yes, it does.", if not then pick "Not really..." or "...." and you won't get married. Remember if you choose to marry then your game ends!

Boy marriage proposal

Marriage proposal (boy version)
Who: Boy player

Something is on your partner's mind; she wants you to meet her at the place with the pretty view. Go see her at the Cliff and she'll ask you if you could stay with her on the farm forever. You can answer either "Of course!" or "I don't know.". She won't talk much if you respond with the first one, but she will go into a speach about how she loves you if you respond with the "I don't know." Your partner will then ask you twice if you're sure that you want to stay with her. If you accept her proposal for marriage then 5 days later you'll meet at the Elder's house to be wed.

Extra seeds

Extra flower seeds
Who: Boy or Girl
Discovered by TheChibi on the Ushi No Tane Forum

The Summer season always brings two hurricanes that occur. When there's a hurricane you can't go outside to water your crops and your partner can't take care of the animals. The only thing you can do is go to bed (since you can't even leave the farmhouse). If you're stuck inside during a hurricane and when you watch TV Lisa says "Caution! Typhoon alert!" you will get a gift the next morning when you wake up. Your partner will tell you how she found some seeds that the hurricane left behind. The seeds will be flower seeds and it's random what seeds you actually get. If during the hurricane you watch TV and Lisa says ".... .... ...." then you won't get any seeds.

A doubting partner

An upset fellow
Who: Girl player

If you go through one of the events and don't do too well, you might come across this one. Your partner believes that the goal the two of you agreed on is too difficult. You can agree or disagree. He'll then ask you why are you even trying to revive the farm and if you're only doing it because of your dad. Answer "No..." and he'll laugh at you and ask if it's not for the dream then why. Answer "I just want to." and he'll laugh again and thank you for pointing that out to him. He'll be glad to start working the next day. The other answers you give (and there are quite a few) always will result in a farm partner that doubts you abilities to carry on the farm.

Her dad's photo album

Dad's photo album
Who: Boy player

One day she'll show you a photo album she found. It belonged to her dad and there's a photograph of a woman in it that she believes is her mother. Her mom passed away when she was only 3 years old and your partner can hardly remember her. If you choose "Miss her?" then she will talk about how she does miss having a mother. If you choose "Mom's annoying." then she'll say how everyone tells her that but she doesn't believe it.

Your partner's birthday

Partner's birthday
Who: Boy or Girl player

Your partner has a birthday just like you do! This event usually occurs if you don't respond favorably to the Setting a goal event. When you talk to your partner he or she will declare that it's their birthday today. When you give your partner something that day it is concidered a "birthday present". If you give your partner a second gift you might get a statement that birthday presents are about quality, not quantity.

The boy's dream

The boy's dream
Who: Girl player

So you're working to make your dad's dream come true, but what about your partner? He'll ask to meet you at the Cliff before midnight. Go talk to him and he seems bothered about something. He'll ask you if running a farm your dream. If you answer "yes" then he'll tell you he once had a dream too. If you answer "What was it?" he'll tell you he forgot. If you answer "Oh, you did." he'll tell you about how he dreamed of being like his Grandpa and running a farm. He's already accomplished that dream though (in Harvest Moon 2) so now he has time to think of a new dream.

The boy moves on!

He discovers his dream
Who: Girl player

About a season after the Boy's dream event, he is going to decide what he wants to do. He'll ask you a series of questions that determine if he stays on the farm or if he moves away. If you tell him that he can stay here he'll be very happy. If you tell your partner to go live for his dreams he'll move away! The next morning you will realize you can't take care of the farm all by yourself and your game will be over. So much for being an independent woman...

The baby dream

A stork visits her dream
Who: Boy player (after you're married)

After you've finished breakfast one morning your partner will tell you she had a strange dream that night. She dreamed that a stork came and visited her. Your wife (partner) thinks it might have something to do with a baby! For the next week or so keep giving her gifts like you normally would and one morning she'll inform you that she believes she is pregnant! She won't do any work for 2 seasons so it's up to you to take care of the farm all by yourself.

Night Lightning
Who: Boy player

One night when you go into your farm house, the lights will go out! Your partner will start talking about how scared she is of the dark and of lightning. After a few ingame hours, the lights will turn back on.