Fishing Rod

Fishing is a great way to make money! No longer do you have to run back and forth between your farm and the Grassland collecting Wild Berries, Cherries, and Mushrooms. Now you can just sit in one place and catch fish to sell.

The first thing you're going to need is the Fishing Rod. When you first start you don't own one. If you're nice to Billy though (see Island Events for more information) you'll receive your own Fishing Rod for free. Once you get the Rod then you're on your way to making enough money to buy animals, home decorations, and anything else you want to spend your G on.

Fishing on the Farm

Once you have the Fishing Rod you'll need to know how to use it. Walk up to some water, press the SELECT Button to bring up your menu screen and then the A Button when your cursor is pointing to Tools. In your Tools inventory select the Fishing Rod (which is on the bottom row).

Press the A Button and you'll cast your line. The end of the rod will twitch when you have a bite. Press the A Button again to reel your line back in. Sometimes you'll get garbage like cans and boots, but if you're lucky you will catch a fish! Press the B Button to put your new fish in the rucksack. Then you can try to catch another fish.

You will find different kinds of fish in various locations. Around your farm, the Village, and the Mainland Port you'll find a lot of small and medium fish. The Forest has some larger fish, but the Ocean is where you'll find the most large-size fish. You can't get to the Ocean until you have the Boat (see Island Events again for information). Small fish sell for 80 G, medium fish sell for 150 G, and large fish sell for 250 G.

Fish NameLocationSell Price
ArcherfishOcean150 G
Black BassFarm & Forest150 G
BlowfishVillage & Mainland Port80 G
BluegillFarm & Forest80 G
Blue MaomaoVillage & Mainland Port80 G
CarpFarm150 G
CoelacanthOcean250 G
DoradoOcean250 G
Horned SharkOcean250 G
King CarpFarm80 G
King of LakeForest5000 G
King SalmonForest250 G
Parrot FishVillage & Mainland Port150 G
Pink MaomaoVillage & Mainland Port80 G
SailfishOcean250 G
SnakeheadForest250 G
Cozy's Aquarium

Besides selling the fish, you can do Cozy a favor and stock his fish tanks. Poor Cozy has no fish and he wants you to get some for him. Each tank requires a certain number of fish and Cozy will let you know when you don't need to give him anymore. More information can be found in the Aquarium section. If you're not sure where to find all the different fish while playing you can purchase the "Catch the King" book at Lyla's book store for 4000 G. The book will appear in your bookshelf back in your farm house and you can read it any time you want.