As the girl you're in charge of taking care of all of the animals. Your boy partner is given the task to take care of the crop fields. Every morning you can talk to your boy and ask him to do specific tasks in the field. Information on what option does what can be found in the Boy as your Partner section.

Since you're the boss when it comes to the animals you get some tools to help. When you first start out you're given the basic tools.

Sickle Sickle - Cuts grass to make it into fodder. You'll need that to feed your animals!

Hoe Hoe - You can't plant grass unless the soil is tilled.

Axe Axe - Use this to chop up the stumps that are in the animal pastures and field.

Hammer Hammer - Smash the rocks in the pasture and field with this.

Watering Can Watering Can - You're going to need to help your partner water the fields until he can do the whole thing on his own.

Shovel Shovel - You'll find this inside the shed that covers the Hot Spring.

Brush Brush - Makes horses and cows happy.

Milker Milker - You start out with 1 adult cow so use this to harvest it's milk.

Fodder Set Fodder Set - Since you don't have any fodder to feed your 1 cow, use this instead.

Digging the Hot Spring

The first thing you're going to want to do is check out the fireplace in your farm house. You'll find an extra 1000 G that Harry hid (which brings your total money to 3000 G). After that head out of the farm house and go to the Hot Spring, which is next to your Storage Bin in the middle of your farm. You'll find the Shovel on the ground so use it to dig until you have a square of water inside the shed.

Since the first day on the farm is a Monday, Kirk will be in the Village with his ferry. Take it to the Mainland and buy some seeds. You're definitely going to need to buy 3 or 4 bags of grass seed so you can eventually buy 2 chickens. You can buy seeds to plant in the field at the Shopping Mall. Take the ferry back to the Island when you've finished.

Pasture area

In order to buy more animals to take care of you will need to have enough grass planted in the pasture area behind each animal's barn. The pasture is full of rocks, weeds, and stumps so use your tools to clear it all out. Once you've cleared the land then till the ground with the Hoe and plant the grass seeds. Grass doesn't need to be watered at all so once you plant it just let it sit there. In about 10 days you'll be able to cut the grass so your animals have food.

You'll need at least 6 bags of grass planted in the horse and sheep pasture. Cows require at least 4 and the chicken pasture only requires 3, so chickens are always a good animal to start off with. Once you've earned enough money to buy the other animals, taking care of them is very easy.

  • Horses - All you have to do is brush them and put fodder in their feeding bins.
  • Cows - Cows like to be brushed but only adult cows can be milked. To milk a cow just equip the Milker, stand next to the cow, and press the A Button. The milk will appear above your head so press the B Button to put it in your rucksack.
  • Chickens - You don't have to brush chickens at all, just feed them and pick the eggs up off the ground. So simple!
  • Sheep - Sheep can't be brushed so you'll have to buy the Shampoo from the Farmer's Union for 800 G. The can't be milked either so to harvest the wool you'll need the Clippers (2000 G). Use the Shampoo just like you would use the Brush on the cows and horses. Sheep take 7 days for their wool to grow back.
Animal outside

Remember that all animals like to go outside on sunny days! Talk to the animal you want to go outside and select "yes" when you're asked if it wants to go out. To bring the animal back inside just talk to it outside in its pasture and tell the animal to go inside. If you own one of the dog pets you can leave your animals outside overnight if you know it won't rain the next day. Just make sure that there is mature grass for them to eat!

If you don't have a pet dog and you accidentally leave your animals outside then they'll be unhappy the next day regardless if you had edible grass for them or not. Also leaving any animal outside on rainy days will make them unhappy (your pet likes rain though!). The only exception are with chicks (baby chickens) who will stay outside, eat grass, and remain happy even if you don't own a dog. Once they grow up though you will have to take them inside every night. If you don't, say "bye bye" to your chickens because the wild animals will eat them and in the morning they'll be gone. If you're lucky you might end up only losing 1 or 2 of your chickens.