Secret Garden

The farm is your home base of operations. You'll eat, sleep, grow, cut, plant, and do anything else related to farming here. This is the farm you're trying to save and is where the girl player/partner grew up. There's a lot of buildings on your farm.

Right at the entrance to your farm is the Secret Garden. Whenever you find a Power Berry, a flower will grow here in your garden. You'll know how many berries you've found by the number of flowers you have. You can't enter the garden and you don't have to worry about watering the flowers. You can find out how to get all of the Power Berries and flowers by looking in the Power Berry Locations section.

Right to the north of the Secret Garden is your house. Inside you'll have beds, a kitchen, a fireplace, a bookcase, a telephone, and a table. Your house is pretty empty to begin with but you can buy house accessories at Lucus' shop like rugs, the baby crib (not available in the girl game), and the television set so you can get the next day's weather. Don't forget to check the fireplace for a free 1000 G! Next to the fireplace you'll find the bookcase where the books you buy from Lyla's Bookstore will appear. You'll start out with 3 books that explain basic farming skills. You also have a kitchen in your farm house but you can't do any cooking in it.

The wood bin

When you exit the back door of your farm house you'll be by your wood bin. When you chop up wood with your Axe it will automatically be transported to this bin. The sign in front lets you know how much wood you have in there. To take wood out of your bin, have no tools equipped and press the A Button. To the right of the wood bin is the horse barn.

To the right of the horse barn you'll find the cow barn. Then you'll find your fodder silo with a sign out front that tells you how much fodder you have in storage. After that comes the chicken barn and then the sheep barn.

In the middle of your main farm is the Storage Bin and the Hot Springs. Inside the Storage Bin is where you'll place your crops before you call the Farmer's Union on your telephone inside the farm house. When you call the Farmer's Union and ship some items, they'll take them directly out of your Storage Bin. The bin will only house items for 5 days and after that they'll rot and disappear, but if you have the nevermelt ice you can have Lucus convert the bin into a fridge so nothing ever rots. Next to the Storage Bin is the Hot Springs. At the beginning of your game there's nothing there but if you go inside you'll find the shovel tool laying on the ground. You can dig up the soft dirt inside the shed until you reach water and the next day a Hot Springs will magically appear.

Directly to the right of the Hot Springs is the path you take to get to your crop field. You'll be doing all of your veggie and grain planting in here. You also have a river running by your field to the far right. You can fill up your watering can using the water from the river.