The Village

The people who live on the Island are in the Village. All of the houses are locked and you can never go into them. Along the right side you'll find a beach where you can go fishing.

There are 6 villagers - the Elder, Billy, Elza, Bigbee, Kate, and Kirk. The Elder is the only guy that stays in the village for the whole week; the rest of them only appear on certain days. The two most important villagers to befriend are Billy and Elza. If you give them lots of items that you've produced on your farm, you'll eventually receive the Fishing Rod and your own Boat.

NameSun.Mon. Tue.Wed.Thu. Fri.Sat.
The Elder.. .. .. .
Elza.. ..
Bigbee... ..
Billy. ..
Kate.. ..
Kirk. .

Until you receive your own boat you'll have to rely on Kirk. He runs the ferry that will take you to the Mainland. Kirk will be there with his ferry on Mondays and Thursdays, but if the weather is bad he won't be there at all. He will stop taking you to the Mainland after 6pm, but if you're on the Mainland after that time he'll always "make an exception" and take you back to the Island.

When you do eventually own your own boat, it will be in the southwest corner of the Village, next to the lighthouse. You can take your boat to the Mainland even in bad weather!