The Restaurant

The Shopping Mall is open between 9am and 9pm. There are 4 mini-shops inside the Mall, along with people from Harvest Moon 2.

The shop on the first floor to the right is the Restaurant. Billy's mom, Chloe, runs it and will sell you food if you need to regain energy. Just walk up to whatever you want to buy, press the A Button and Chloe will tell you the price. You can accept her price or decline. If you pay her then you eat the food right there in the Mall; there's no way to take your dinner back to the farm. You probably won't come here much since it's just as easy to regain your energy by hopping in and out of your Spa a few times, and that's free!

Coffee Coffee80 GRestores a tiny bit of energy
Tea Tea80 GRestores a tiny bit of energy
Dessert Dessert40 GMmmm... dessert!
Meal Set Meal Set160 GA big meal! Restores a lot of energy!
Seed Shop

The next shop to the left is the Seed Shop. Each season Lukia will sell different seeds for you to plant in your field. He will sell 3 different kinds of veggie seeds and 1 kind of flower seed in Spring and Summer, but only the veggie seeds in the Fall. Each bag of seeds he sells can plant a 3x3 square of tilled land. Lukia doesn't sell any seeds in the Winter season.

Flower Vase Flower Vase3000 GSits on your table in your house. If you bring a flower to your partner he/she will put it in the Vase
Spring Seeds
Turnip Seeds Turnip Seeds120 GGrow in 5 days
Potatoe Seeds Potato Seeds160 GGrow in 7 days
Asparagus Seeds Asparagus Seeds320 GGrow in 9 days
Stardust Flower Seeds Stardust Flower400 GGrow in 6 days
Summer Seeds
Tomato Seeds Tomato Seeds200 GGrow in 10 days
Corn Seeds Corn Seeds320 GGrow in 12 days
W.Melon Seeds W.Melon Seeds480 GGrow in 12 days
Moonlight Flower Moonlight Flower400 GGrow in 5 days
Fall Seeds
Eggplant Seeds Eggplant Seeds160 GGrow in 5 days
Peanut Seeds Peanut Seeds200 GGrow in 7 days
S.Potato Seeds S.Potato Seeds160 GGrow in 9 days
Tool Shop

If you go up the stairs and to the right you'll come across Lucus' Tool shop. Most of the stuff here are accessories you can buy for your house. Sometimes he does have some tools for sale that you can equip. He also sells the Butter, Cheese, Yarn, Sweater, and Mayonnaise machines when you have shipped at least 100 milk, wool, or eggs. Ken from Harvest Moon 2 (renamed to Gen for some reason) likes to hang out here.

Television Television10000 GWatch the weather report every day to find out if it will be raining tomorrow
Baby Crib Kid's Bed30000 GBoy game only. You'll need this before your wife becomes pregnant. No bed, no baby
Kitchen Cabinet Cabinet5000 GParticipate in the Lucus' Big Chest event
Small Rug Small Rug3000 GGoes right in front of your Fireplace and Bookshelf
Medium Rug Medium Rug6000 GThis rug goes in front of your Television
Large Rug Large Rug9000 GVery big rug, sits right next to your bed
Saddle Saddle1000 GYou'll need this if you want to ride your horses outside
Snowboard Snowboard30000 GAllows you to play the Snowboarding game during the Winter in the Grassland
Butter Maker Butter Machine30000 GConverts milk into Butter
Cheese Maker Cheese Machine30000 GConverts milk into Cheese
Mayonnaise Maker Mayonnaise Machine30000 GConverts Eggs and Golden Eggs into Mayonnaise
Yarn Maker Yarn Machine30000 GConverts wool into Yarn
Sweater Maker Sweater Machine30000 GConverts wool into Wool Sweater
Lyla's Books

The last shop is located to the left of Lucus'. Lyla sells books that your partner needs in order to do a more effective job. There are also books that you can read and put into the bookshelf in your farm house. Not all of the books that are for sale will fit into your bookshelf though; Lyla will tell you which ones do and which ones don't.

Yarn For Beginners Yarn for Beginners1600 GAllows girl partner to make Yarn without the Yarn MakerNo
Butter Butter Book1600 GAllows girl partner to make Butter without the Butter MakerNo
Cheese Cheese Book1600 GAllows girl partner to make Cheese without the Cheese MakerNo
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise Book1600 GAllows girl partner to make Mayonnaise without the Mayo MakerNo
Baking Bread Baking Bread1600 GFor sale in the second year, allows anyone to bake breadNo
Rice Cakes Making Rice Cakes1600 GFor sale in the second year, allows anyone to make rice cakesNo
Easy Knitting Easy Knitting1600 GAllows girl partner to make Knit without the Sweater MakerNo
Farm Story Farm Story2000 GAllows boy partner to till the soil in a U-shape No
Farm Story 2 Farm Story 22000 GAllows boy partner to till the soil in two-line shapes No
Mysteries of the Island Mysteries of the Island9600 GFor sale in the second year, talks about the red water in the Forest, the meteor shower, the nevermelt ice, the mermaid, and the firework display.Yes
Catch the King Catch the King4000 GTells you where the different fish species live Yes
Cherry Cup Report Cherry Cup Report2400 GFor sale 15th of Spring. Lists what horses won the Cherry Cup that year.Yes
Gallop Stakes Report Gallop Stakes Report2400 GFor sale 15th of Fall. List what horses run the Gallop Stakes that year.Yes