The Theater is open between 11am and 9pm. Each season there is a different show playing for a total of 5 different shows. Tickets to the shows cost 1500 G each and a show lasts for two hours.

If you don't know the name of the show that's playing, talk to the lady at the ticket counter and she'll tell you. There isn't any real significance to the Theater; it is just an extra thing to do if you're bored. It's possible that going to a show raises your final farm ranking but that hasn't been verified. Fess from PlanetJuno has made animated gifs of the movies you can view.

Show #1
Movie - "Someday..."


Meow and Polo have been making music for a long time and suddely they get the chance to sign a record contract. Unfortunatly Mr. One only wants to hire one of them!

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Show #2
Movie - "Good Maomaos"

Good Maomaos

Blue and Pink wonder why they're different colors and in the process learn a valuable life lesson. Can you spot Karen from HM64/HM:BTN?

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Show #3
Story - "The Laziest In Town"

The Laziest In Town

Everyone in the village is friendly and giving except for one fellow. When he saves a flower from a wild dog it becomes his friend. A talking flower? Well... it is a magical flower after all...

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Show #4
Comedy Night - "Your Own Fault"

Comedy Night

Kojima (on the left) and Otose (on the right) talk about the days when they were kids and giggle how they use to play pratical jokes on people. Is the last laugh on Kojima?

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Show #5
Movie - The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop

It's cold, it's snowing, and he's just trying to get home on the bus. Everything is fine but suddenly the bus stops moving after an old man gets off.

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The sound test

Sound Test

After you suceed in saving Harry's farm, you can come back to the Theater to listen to the sound test. Just press the A Button while standing at the Theater doors!