Garbage Disposal

You can receive the Garbage Disposal once you have about 50,000G and the television set. One morning your partner will tell you that he/she saw something on the shopping channel that will help you with the farm. Your partner will ask to have 49,800G to purchase the item. If you tell your partner "no" then you'll never be asked again for the money. If you tell him/her "yes", then in a few days you'll have the Garbage Disposal in your kitchen.

The Garbage Disposal creates fertilizer, which you can use to make your crops grow faster. The fertilizer will be in your Tool inventory when it is produced. You really don't have to do much to get fertilizer. When produce rots in your Storage Bin it is automatically converted into fertilizer.

A bag of fertilizer

A simple way to earn a bag of fertilizer a day is to use fish or the produce you can pick from the Grassland. If you're going to use fish then pick one of the locations that you know you won't be shipping any fish from normally. A good spot would be either the beach in the Village or the stream that runs by your field. Every day go there and get 1 fish out of that spot (1 is all you need!). Then take that fish and put it in your Storage Bin. Let the fish sit there (don't ship it to the Farmer's Union) and in 6 days a bag of fertilizer will appear in your inventory. Just remember to do this every day and soon you'll have a lot of fertilizer bags!

Fertilized fields

When you're ready to use the fertilizer, go to your field and equip it as an item. Stand on your tilled soil and then press the A button. The soil that has the fertilizer on it is a lighter color of brown. In this picture the fertilized ground are on top and the normal ground is shown below. You have to use the fertilizer on your soil before you plant your crops!

You don't have to lay down new fertilizer every time you plant crops. Fertilizer will also stay on the ground throughout the seasons. The only things that will wash fertilizer away are the same things that destroy your crops; storms, earthquakes, or a missing scarecrow. You can remove fertilizer from your soil by throwing a rock or lumber on top of it, then re-tilling the soil with your hoe.

The benefit of fertilizer is that your crops grow way faster then normal! The only plants that are not affected by fertilizer are Rice, Wheat, and Grass.

NameNormal growthWith fertilizer
Turnips5 Days3 Days
Potato7 Days4 Days
Asparagus9 Days5 Days
Stardust Flower5 Days4 Days
Cherry Flower8 Days6 Days
Primerose Flower8 Days6 Days
Tomato10 Days, regrows in 3 days6 Days, regrows in 1 day
Corn12 Days, regrows in 4 days8 Days, regrows in 1 day
Watermelon12 Days, regrows in 4 day8 Days, regrows in 1 day
Moonlight Flower5 Days3 Days
S. Star Flower6 Days4 Days
Comet Flower7 Days5 Days
Eggplant5 Days3 Days
Peanut7 Days4 Days
Sweet Potato9 Days5 Days
Full Moon Flower7 Days6 Days
S. Dream Flower11 Days8 Days