Besides animals, your farm is going to need to survive by producing crops of fruits and veggies (and nuts!). How to actually plant crops can be found in the Playing as the Boy section. If you're playing as a Girl you're going to need to know how to plant too! Your boy partner isn't skilled enough when he first starts to plant without wasting those expensive seeds. 120 G is a lot for a bag of seeds when you first start out!

Fertilizer Guide

How to get fertilizer from the Garbage Disposal and a listing of how long it takes crops to grow if they're planted with it.

Planting Rice and Wheat

Once you reach your second year on the farm, you can buy Rice and Wheat seeds from the Farmer's Union. Here's how to plant these special crops.

Quick Product List

A quick run down of how much each bag of seeds cost, what you can sell your produce for, and how long it takes to grow.

Using the Sprinkler

So now that you've bought that odd-looking tool from the Farmer's Union, how do you use it? It's really not so hard!