The Sprinkler tool is available for purchase at the very beginning of your game. It costs 50000 G though (yikes!) so it may be several seasons before you can afford to buy it. You can find it in the Farmer's Union, next to the Scarecrow.

The Sprinkler will water a 9×9 square of ground, whether it's crops or just dirt. When you go to your field in the morning the Sprinkler will have already watered and you won't have to do anything with it. Using the Sprikler will save you some time watering if you're playing the boy version of the game. If you're playing the girl version your partner does the watering, so it's only really helpful if you always have to finish up watering the spots he missed.

Where to put it...

Step 1 - Figure out where you want to put the Sprinkler.

You want to make the most out of your Sprinkler, so deciding where to put it is important. Once the Sprinkler is in the ground you can walk right over the top of it, so it's not going to be in your way at all. If you ever want to pick it up (in case you're wondering) just make sure you don't have any tools equippped (Hand-mode) and pick it up by using the A Button.

Digging the ground

Step 2 - Dig your irrigation canal.

Once you decide where you're going to put the Sprinkler, you're going to need to dig a canal in your field. You'll do the same thing if you want to plant Rice or Wheat. Equip the Shovel tool from your inventory, start at the edge of the water, and press the A Button to dig up the ground. Then dig a path to where you want to put the Sprinkler. It's in the water!

Step 3 - Put the Sprinkler in the water.

Once you've finished digging in your field, you need to take the Sprinkler out of your inventory screen and just throw it in the last square of water. Now it's all ready to go! You can walk over the Sprinkler and walk on the shallow water with out any problems.

Sprinkler madness!

Another nice feature about the Sprinkler is it waters the plant that gets neglected because you can't reach it with your Watering Can. If you really wanted to, you could dig the canal, put in the Sprinkler, then cover the canal leading to the Sprinkler by throwing rocks or wood back into it. As long as the Sprinkler is sitting in a square of water it will work! Be creative! The only problem with the Sprinkler is you only get one!

*whisper* if you wanted to cheat, try Gameshark code 911359D5, infinite Sprinklers!