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Here you'll find ways to make playing Harvest Moon 3 just a little bit easier. If you can't find the information you're looking for you can post a message on the Ushi No Tane HM3 forum.

Official Gameshark codes

Created by the individuals at™. Infinite seeds, bag slot modifiers, and equipped item modifiers.

Kaenjie2 Gameshark codes

Infinite storage bin items, infinite seeds, animal max love levels, fertilizer, and fodder.

RageWarrior Gameshark codes

Weather and season codes, pets, colors, level 3 tools, infinite gold, and the ultra partner love-level code.

Gamefool Gameshark codes

Infinite eating, rucksack, days of the week, year numbers, and days of the season codes.

The Gameshark-free unlimited money cheat

Is your farmer short on cash but you don't own a Gameshark to cheat with? No problem, there's an in-game bug you can exploit! Just follow the instructions here and you'll be rich in a day.

King of Lake money cheat

Don't want to spend a lot of time doing the Unlimited Money cheat? Try this one out instead! You can only do this one later in the game though.

Power Berry Locations

There are 10 Power Berries, can you find them all?

CrazyDude's Harvest Moon 3 FAQ

You can read CrazyD's text file about all of the Harvest Moon 3 information he's collected.