Playing a game normally is always good, but if you're really despirate for money, you can exploit a bug in the game. This works for the boy and the girl game and you can do this in any season.

Corn Step 1 - Get two different items in your Storage Bin.

Eggplants Golden Eggs

So let's say that we have some Eggplant and Golden Eggs in our Storage Bin. Eggplants only sell for 40G each but Golden Eggs sell for 200G each. Wouldn't it be swell if you had a lot more Golden Eggs to sell? For an example, we'll have 35 Eggplants and 2 Golden Eggs.

Corn Step 2 - Call the Farmer's Union.

Simple enough, head inside your farm house and call the Farmer's Union with your telephone. Select "Shipment" from the menu.

Corn Step 3 - Select the item you have more of, select the maximum about, then press the B button.

Well we have more Eggplant then Golden Eggs, so move the highlight box to the Eggplant spot and press the A button. You will then be asked "How many do you want to ship?"

After you press the A button to continue on the message you get to pick how much you want to ship. In this case, the value of 0 shows up. We want to ship all of our Eggplants, which is more then 0 so...

... press the Down button once so the number 35 shows instead of 0. Now that 35 appears as the quantity we want to ship, press the B button to cancel our selection. This takes us back to where the Farmer's Union asks us to select which crop we want to ship.

Corn Step 4 - Select the second item you want to ship and press the Down button.

We didn't actually ship any Eggplants to the Farmer's Union, but that's fine. Now go over one screen and select the 2 Golden Eggs and press the A button to confirm. You then get the message about selecting the quantity you want to ship. Press A again to continue the message.

Now we're back to the default value of 0. Press the Down button once...

... and waaalaaaaa! Now your 2 Golden Eggs have turned into 34 Golden Eggs! Press the A button to confirm that you want to ship all of those Golden Eggs. Your 200G worth of eggs just became 6800G! You even have more Golden Eggs then you started with!

You can max out your money very easily with this. You don't even need a Gameshark adapter to use an unlimited money code! The only disadvantage is you have to wait until 6PM for the Farmer's Union to give you the money you cheated out of them. Kirk's ferry stops running at 6PM so there's no way to spend your new funds. If you have your own boat, you'll have to wait until the next day to buy your animals because the Farmer's Union closes at 6PM, but the Shopping Mall and Movie Theater close at 9PM.