Ragewarrior codes
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Infinite Money


16 slot Rucksack



Fodder Set (in tool inventory)010178D5
Infinite Fodder (in silo)01637DD5


Infinte Lumber (wood bin behind farmhouse)01637AD5

Equipped Item Modifier

The Level 3 tool codes only work with the boy version.

Sickle, Level 301025FD5
Hoe, Level 3010260D5
Ax, Level 3010261D5
Hammer, Level 3010262D5
Watering Can, Level 3010263D5

Character Modifier

Be a boy010008D4
Be a girl010108D4
Birthday, Spring01000AD4
Birthday, Summer01010AD4
Birthday, Fall01020AD4
Birthday, Winter01030AD4
Color, Red01xx0CD4
Color, Green01xx1DD4
Color, Blue01xx0ED4
Color xx, #1 to #10E0 to E9
Color xx, #11 to #17EA to EF
Color xx, #18 - #28F0 to F9
Color xx, #29 - #34FA to FF
Super-duper partner love code01FF32DA

Pet Modifier

Dog, Small010016D4
Dog, Medium010116D4
Dog, Large010216D4
Cat, Pink010316D4
Cat, Gray010416D4
Cat, Brown010516D4

Environment Modifier

Time modifier01xx75D4
Time xx modifier, 6am - 11pm06 to 17
Season, Spring010072D4
Season, Summer010172D4
Season, Fall010272D4
Season, Winter010372D4
Next day weather, Sunny010079D4
Next day weather, Rainy010179D4
Next day weather, Hurricane010279D4
Next day weather, Snow010379D4
Next day weather, Snow Storm010479D4
Today's weather, Sunny010076D4
Today's weather, Rainy010176D4
Today's weather, Hurricane010276D4
Today's weather, Snow010376D4
Today's weather, Snow Storm010476D4

Change Names

Your name, 1st letter01xx00D4
Your name, 2nd letter01xx01D4
Your name, 3rd letter01xx02D4
Your name, 4th letter01xx03D4
Partner name, 1st letter01xx10D4
Partner name, 2nd letter01xx11D4
Partner name, 3rd letter01xx12D4
Partner name, 4th letter01xx13D4
Pet name, 1st letter01xx17D4
Pet name, 2nd letter01xx18D4
Pet name, 3rd letter01xx19D4
Pet name, 4th letter01xx1AD4

Change Names xx modifier

A - F0A - 0F
G - P10 - 19
Q - V1A - 1F
W - Z20 - 23
a - f24 - 29
g - l2A - 2F
m - v30 - 39
w - z3A - 3D
Japanese hiragana a - i3E - 3F
Japanese hiragana u - o40 - 42
Japanese hiragana ka - ko43 - 47
Japanese hiragana sa - shi48 - 49
Japanese hiragana su - so4A - 4C
Japanese hiragana ta - tsu4D - 4F
Japanese hiragana te - to50 - 51
Japanese hiragana na - no52 - 56
Japanese hiragana ha - fu(hu)57 - 59
Japanese hiragana he - ho5A - 5B
Japanese hiragana ma - me5C - 5F
Japanese hiragana mo60
Japanese hiragana ya,yu,yo61,62,63
Japanese hiragana ra - ro64 - 68
Japanese hiragana wa69
Japanese hiragana o(wo)6A
Japanese hiragana n6B
Japanese hiragana ga - ge6C - 6F
Japanese hiragana go70
Japanese hiragana za - zo71 - 75
Japanese hiragana da - de76 - 79
Japanese hiragana do7A
Japanese hiragana ba - bo7B - 7F
Japanese hiragana pa - po80 - 84
Japanese hiragana a - o (small)85 - 89
Japanese hiragana ya - yo (small)8A - 8C
Japanese hiragana tsu (small)8D
Japanese katakana a, i8E, 8F
Japanese katakana u - o90 - 92
Japanese katakana ka - ko93 - 97
Japanese katakana sa, shi98, 99
Japanese katakana su - so9A - 9C
Japanese katakana ta - tsu9D - 9F
Japanese katakana te, toA0, A1
Japanese katakana na - noA2 - A6
Japanese katakana ha - fu(hu)A7 - A9
Japanese katakana he, hoAA, AB
Japanese katakana ma - meAC - AF
Japanese katakana moB0
Japanese katakana ya, yu, yoB1, B2, B3
Japanese katakana ra - roB4 - B8
Japanese katakana waB9
Japanese katakana o(wo)BA
Japanese katakana nBB
Japanese katakana ga - geBC - BF
Japanese katakana goC0
Japanese katakana za - zoC1 - C5
Japanese katakana da - deC6 - C9
Japanese katakana doCA
Japanese katakana ba - boCB - CF
Japanese katakana pa - poD0 - D4
Japanese katakana a - o (small)D5 - D9
Japanese katakana ya, yu, yo (small)DA, DB, DC
Japanese katakana tsu (small)DD
Japanese katakana v (u with '' ?)DE
Music noteE4
. (japanese letter marker)EB
Numbers 0 - 900 - 09