The items you receive from the connectivity between the two games are based on your progress in both games. If you don't play through AWL, you won't get any goodies in FoMT (and visa versa). When you pass through each chapter of life, you'll receive new items in both games. Just remember the connectivity only seems to work best once per AWL season. Van's items will usually go on sale in FoMT before you can buy them in AWL. After connecting, the villagers in AWL will talk about the world of FoMT.

The Records

In both games you'll find a Record Player. In AWL the player is inside of your house, but in FoMT you have to connect up before you can purchase it from Van. When you do buy it for 2000 G, it will sit on the little table inside of your house. As you continue to connect the two games together, you can purchase Records to change the background music of your game. In AWL only the music that plays when you're on your farm changes, but in FoMT it also affects the music that plays when wandering around Mother's Hill. The nice thing about AWL's record player is you can turn it off and have no music play at all. Removing a record off the player in FoMT will cause the origional season background music to play again. Van is in FoMT on Wednesdays at Doug's Inn. In AWL he's officially there on the 3rd and 8th of each season, but in addition he can appear on random days.

Record 01 - SNES: Spring song 500 G 430 G
Record 02 - SNES: Event theme 600 G 430 G
0 Record 03 - N64: Fall song 700 G 600 G
0 Record 04 - N64: Opening song 800 G 600 G
0 Record 05 - BTN: Girl's song 900 G 640 G
0 Record 06 - BTN: Girls' love theme 1000 G 640 G
0 Record 07 - STH: Spring season map 1100 G 810 G
0 Record 08 - STH: Autumn Forest theme 1200 G 810 G
0 Record 09 for FoMT - AWL: Winter theme 1300 G --
0 Record 10 for FoMT - AWL: Blue Bar night song 1400 G --
0 Record 09 for AWL - FoMT: Winter theme -- 900 G
0 Record 10 for AWL - FoMT: Wedding ceramony -- 900 G

The last two records both games receive play music from the opposite game. Record 9 and 10 play music from AWL when purchased in FoMT, and when purchased in AWL will play music from FoMT.

The Recipes

Besides Van traveling between the two games, Ruby will also make an appearance. She will stay at Doug's Inn on Sundays and she's always around in AWL. Usually she will be in the kitchen or back behind the MiTeMi Inn, but sometimes she gets out and wanders around. If you talk to her after connecting, she will give you instructions on how to cook a new food dish. In FoMT she will only tell you once, but in AWL she will ask if she needs to repeat her instructions. Once you end the dialog with her she won't tell you the recipe again, so try to write it down the first time. She will give 5 new recipes in both games.

Recipes in AWL
Marinade = (Tomato or Turnip) + Fish + Kaori Herb [Salad Menu]
Tomato Soup = Tomato + Carrot [Soup Menu]
Sweet Potato Soup = Sweet Potato [Soup Menu]
Hokkori Soup = Potato + "Wild" item (herb, etc.) + Mushroom [Soup Menu]
Ramura Tart = Peach + Egg + Butter [Sweet Menu]
Recipes in FoMT
Wild Grape Juice = Wild Grape + Wine + Purple Grass + Pot
Cornflakes = Corn + Rolling Pin + (Oven or Frying Pan)
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The Seaside Cottage

When you connect to AWL from FoMT you will notice that after the connection has completed, the Harvest Goddess will display a screen filled with stars. There are 42 little stars for you to fill in.

When you first start playing AWL you'll ship a lot of eggs and milk. You can even hatch extra chickens and sell those too. After you receive Tsurudan and start producing hybrid crops, show Takakura one of your 3rd generation harvests and he will put a basket in your Shipping Shed. You can then ship any 3rd gen crop via his basket, but he'll leave you a dirty note if you try to put in a 1st gen or 2nd gen crop. Seaside cottage If you're awake and outside when Takakura picks up an animal to sell in the morning, you will see him take it up the hill that is rumored to lead to Mineral Town.

The Goddess will congratulate you after you have earned your last star in FoMT. As a reward she will give you the Seaside Cottage, a little house that sits off the shores of Mineral Beach. Inside the house you'll find a bed and a window, which displays different images depending on the time of day. During the Winter your beach house has little snowmen guarding the doorway.

The Character Directory

Mary's Library in Mineral Town is filled with books that will help you with playing the Gameboy game. After you connect to AWL there will be a new book that appears in the bookshelf on the second floor.

Mary's book

Inside the book you will find descriptions of all the characters in AWL. The book's pages will fill in as you continue to connect the two games together. You'll find out why Murray is in Forget-Me-Not, who Gustafa is in love with, and other little tidbits that aren't mentioned in AWL. You'll even have an entry in Mary's book for your character in AWL. Your own entry will mention that you live with your 3 sons, which isn't exactly true since you can only have 1 son.

If you connect the games together several times and notice that there are no new items in Van's shop in AWL, you just need to talk to Van in FoMT. Go to the Inn on a Wednesday and talk to him from behind the counter until he mentions returning to the valley. When you link up the next time, your AWL game will have the new items for sale in his shop.

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