Busy Beach Visit the Beach Shack between 5pm and 7pm and Kai will welcome you to his shop. He says that his shop constantly has so few people in it but he doesn't mind, although he doesn't think is food tastes that bad. Kai seems a little upset about the lack of customers. Just then Popuri then walks into Kai's shop and says she's brought him some customers! Some of the town's villagers come in and Popuri says there's more of them coming! In walk a few more and Kai realizes she wasn't kidding when she said she brought him customers. Kai asks if you would be able to help him out and you automatically agree.

There are a lot of customers who arrive. Even Ban, Luu, Kappa, and the Sprites show up for a meal!

Afterwards Kai is exhausted. He asks Popuri why she has to bring so many customers! Popuri apologizes and says she thought all the customers would make him happy. Kai thanks you for your help and then you'll reappear back in your farm house the next morning.

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