Chicken Sumo On the 6th of Summer, Rick will greet you at your door in the morning. He wants to know if you would like to enter a chicken in the Sumo event that starts at 10:00am the next day. If you choose to enter one of your fowls, try to select one that's healthy and has a high love level.

The next day at 10am, run to Rose Plaza to participate in the event. When you talk to Rick he will give you a brief explanation on how the event goes. Basically you press the A button to force your chicken to flap it's wings. If you press A while facing the opponent's chicken, the flapping wings should startle the enemy chicken. When the rival chicken is startled, it will have a ! above it's head and it will run away. When the ! goes away you can scare it again. The object of the event is to scare the opposite chicken off the sumo mat.

There are 3 rounds of chicken sumo you have to go through in order to be crowned the champion. Each chicken-combatant is a little tougher to scare then the previous one. When you win all 3 matches your chicken is blessed with the ability to lay golden eggs once it has a love level of 10 hearts. If you're lucky you can win the sumo matches with a chicken that only has 1 heart, but it's difficult.

When the event is over you'll return back to your farm. Rick has put your chicken back in the chicken coop, so don't forget to feed it before you go to bed!

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