During your first year if it's snowing outside and you have nothing in the items section of your rucksack, head towards Rose Plaza. Enter the plaza from the entrance near Yodel farm and you might see Cliff walking around. Suddenly Cliff doesn't look very good and he passes out in the snow! Next to him you find a photograph and Cliff says he was remembering when he left his past home. It was snowing when he left and the snow in Mineral Town reminds him of that day.

You'll run to the Inn to look for some help. Inside Ann welcomes you, but becomes concerned when you tell her about Cliff in Rose Plaza. She calls for her dad and they take him to the clinic.

At the clinic Doctor says that Cliff will be fine. Ann thanks you for finding him and the Doctor says you all should go so he can rest. Outside the clinic you realize you still have the photograph that Cliff dropped when he fainted. If you go back inside and give it to him, Cliff will wake up for a brief moment. He says that the people in the photo is his mom and his sister. He wasn't happy where he lived so he left to go explore the world. When he came back, his mother had died and his sister had moved away to someplace unknown. He then goes back to sleep.

If you exhaust yourself when Cliff is staying at the clinic, you'll see an odd scene. To make room for your blue body, Doctor kicks Cliff out of the clinic's bed and puts him in the lobby. Cliff is still weak from his ordeal and passes out again in the lobby. Elli will notice he's laying down and drag him off the screen. Poor Cliff!

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