screen shot Go to the Clinic on Tuesday between 1pm and 4pm. When you walk into the waiting area, you'll hear a yell from Jeff from the Doctor's office! Jeff doesn't believe what the Doctor just told him and feels he must have made a mistake. Doctor says it's no mistake and Jeff needs to accept it.

You go into the Doctor's office to investigate the commotion. Doctor apologizes for you having to hear everything from all the way out in the waiting room. Jeff says that years ago he had the Doctor test his blood type and now Doctor is saying his previous diagnosis was incorrect. Doctor says it must of been a clerical error and that he's sorry.

In Japan, blood type is used to determine whether or not a couple will be compatible when they're married. Some people won't even date others who are incompatible with their own blood type. If you talk to Jeff again, he'll say he has to go tell Sasha since she has always told him his personality was too kind for his blood type.

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