Battle 1 Go to the Inn on Sunday between 7pm and 10pm when you have Karen's heart-color Green or higher. Inside you'll see Karen and Duke, who are about to start a drinking contest together. If Karen wins then Duke has to pay the large bill he has run up at Jeff's Store. If Duke wins then the bill will be erased. Duke thinks it should be an interesting wager. Karen asks if you would like to judge them. You can choose that they both need to stop or just a simple "yes". It doesn't matter what you pick since they're both going to drink themselves silly anyway.

When it's all over, poor Duke is so drunk that he's passed out. Karen declares herself the winner and now it's up to Duke to pay the bill. Very intoxicated herself, she stumbles out of the Inn to go home. After she leaves Doug asks you to take Duke home.

Battle 2 Duke recovers a little bit once you take him home. Unfortunately for him, Manna isn't very happy to see him drunk off his butt again. Duke has a headache but doesn't see why his wife should be mad at him so Manna asked if he had another drinking match with Karen. He gets all excited and asks how he did! Manna is pretty disgusted with him and tells him Karen won. Duke just laughs and says she's a strong drinker. Duke's happy reply doesn't make her happy. She's really mad at him and says now they have to pay that bill. Duke thinks for a moment and Manna realizes that he won't tell her what he bought! She calms down and says she'll pay his debt, but it 's coming out of his allowance. Duke hopes he wasn't too much trouble for you and Manna thanks you for bringing her "idiot" husband home. Duke realizes that she just called him a name and the two of them start arguing again.

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