Letter to Ellen On Wednesday between 09am and 01pm, go to Ellen's house. Inside you'll find Ellen, Elli, and Stu talking. They start up a conversation with you about your work on the farm and how hard it must be. Ellen says even if today is Elli's day off from the Clinic, she's still studying medical books. Elli then remembers that she forgot to return the book to Doctor! She heads for the bookcase to find it, but when she does she also find a letter that had been hidden among the books.

The mysterious letter is addressed to Ellen, who opens it up and says it's from Grandpa! Elli and Stu are shocked and are curious to know what it says. Ellen reads the letter from her husband, who wrote that he is very happy that Ellen is his wife. He was too embarrassed to give his letter to Ellen, so he hid it in the bookcase. Ellen says she'll treasure his letter.

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