Beach Shack During the Summer go to Kai's Beach Shack during lunch time, between 11am and 1pm. Gray has come to Kai's shop to get something to eat. He asks Kai for some Baked Corn and Kai is happy to give it to him. Kai then notices you walking in and welcomes you to his shop. Gray doesn't appear to be excited that you're there though and asks if you think it's rare for him to be at Kai's. He says that Kai makes the best food around. Kai becomes a little embarrased and replies that he just makes food to match the town's tastes. Gray smiles back and says his shop truely is good. Kai laughs and thanks him for his compliment. Gray says he has to be heading back to work else his grandfather might think he's loitering around. He says his farewells to you and Kai and then returns back to work.

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