Horse Race On the18th of Spring and Fall, you can go to the Plaza to participate in the horse race. There are 3 races that run and you can bet on all of them or not bet on any of them. If you win you receive metals, which you can convert into prizes. Talk to Mayor Thomas if you want to make a bet, exchange metals for prizes, or start the race. If you join the horse race late in the day there's a chance you might miss one of the races.

When you go to bet on a winning horse, the odds that the horse will win appear along the right side of the screen. The smaller the odd, the better chance the horse will win. Pick the horse you want, then use the Left or Right arrows to place your bet. Each bet costs 50 G. If your horse wins then you receive metals, which you can exchange to Thomas for prizes. The number of metals you win is multiplied by the number of bets times the odds. So if you bet 5 times on a horse that had a 1 in 10 chance and it wins, you'll receive 50 metals. The metals are transferable to the next horse race event so there's no pressure to spend all of your metals at the end of the day. Once all the races have finished you'll return to your farmhouse and it will be 6pm.

Horse Race Prizes
Sunblock 30
Skin Lotion35
Facial Pack42
Power Berry900
Jewel of Truth1000

Run the race The baby horse that Barley gives you takes a full year to grow up, so you don't have a chance to run in the races in your first year. On your second year onward you can participate. Thomas will come by the day before the race and take your horse. The next day you get to run in the third race.

The more hearts your horse has the better it will run. How tired your horse gets is displayed by the heart balloon that appears above it's head. A green balloon lets you know he's running pretty easily. Yellow is more moderate while red means your horse is getting really tired and may slow down it's speed. To speed your horse up just press the A button. There's no way for you to manually slow your horse down but it will slow down on its own. If your horse starts to have a red heart balloon then stop pressing A until the balloon turns back into yellow. When you win the horse race you are rewarded with a Power Berry.

After you earn the Power Berry and Truth Jewel from the Horse Race, is there any point in betting to win more medals? Of course! You can earn a lot of money from the races even if Mayor Thomas isn't giving out any G's.

On the day of the races go to the Square and bring an empty Basket with you. Win as many medals as you can from your bets. When it's time to exchange the medals for your prizes, talk to Thomas like normal. Then you are going to want to exchange 18 medals for a Broach. Then just put the Broach in your Basket! The Broaches will sell for 2,000 G a piece so fill up with them. When you've run out of medals (or room in your Basket and Rucksack), leave the plaza to end the festival. Take your Basket filled with Broaches to dump into your shipping bin and send off to Zack. The Necklaces also sell for 2,000 G a piece, but they cost 20 medals. A full basket of Broaches will sell for 60,000 G!

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