Yearly Calendar

If you need a simple, yearly calendar that lists everyone's birthdays then check out this page. You can then quickly see when everyone's birthday is, the girls' alternate birthdays, and even the days when events occur. If you want to print out the page, click here to open the calendar in a new window.

Annual Events

Each year you can join in on various events that happen. These events will occur on a specific day every year. You can choose to not participate if you want, but what's the fun in that? You can get goodies from some of the events while others you just attend and watch.


Spring 01 » New Years Festival
Spring 14 » Spring Thanksgiving
Spring 18 » Spring Horse Race
Spring 22 » Cooking Festival


Summer 01 » Beach Day
Summer 07 » Chicken Festival
Summer 20 » Cow Festival
Summer 24 » Fireworks


Fall 03 » Music Festival
Fall 05 » Ann's Mom's Memorial
Fall 09 » Harvest Festival
Fall 13 » Festival at Mother's Hill
Fall 18 » Fall Horse Race
Fall 21 » Sheep Festival
Fall 30 » Pumpkin Festival


Winter 02 » Thomas' Winter request
Winter 14 » Valentine's Day
Winter 24 » Starry Festival
Winter 25 » Stocking Festival
Winter 30 » New Year
Random Events

Besides the events that occur on specific days of the year, you can come across events that just pop up out of nowhere. Usually you will just watch the event and learn a little bit of the background story about the residents and their town.

Golden Lumber showoff
Fall wine harvest
Sprite Tea Party
Animal funeral
B.Shack Business
Won's home delivery
G. & K.'s Friendship
4:44 Game Lockup
Free Ponyride
Friday the 13th
Grandpa's Letter
Family Memories
The Life Consultant
Basil's Award
Doug and Duke argue
Catch all the fish
A letter from Dad
Elli studies medicine
Jeff's decision
Duke and Manna argue
Whack A Mole
Bad weather storms
Gotz's bad mood
Fishing for Kappa
Zack's secret crush
Ann's Mom's Memorial
Drunken Battle
Shooting Star
Free Fishing Rod
Golden Service
Popuri's Mail-order
Rick & Kai argue
A Child's Love
Ellen's past
The White Flower
Harris needs advise
Father's Present
Cliff faints
Rick's depression
Manna shopping spree
Midnight Mirror
Goddess events
Locked Church door
Mountain Patrol
Joanna's phone call #1
Joanna's phone call #2
Ellen's visitor
Buy the necklace!
Something about Ann
Stu's Playtime
Stu's Fever
Kai Arrives
Doctor's Misdiagnosis
A Divine Message
Cooking School
A Botanist's temper
Memories with Jeff
Cliff moves out
Helping Basil
Jeff's painting
Mary's popular book

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