Head to the beach during the Summer between 1pm and 5pm. Kai will be outside his beach house when Rick aggressively walks up to him. Poor Kai doesn't know what to do until Rick starts nagging him about Popuri. Rick demands that Kai have nothing to do with his sister and since he's her brother, he knows what's best for her. Kai says that Popuri can do whatever she wants and Rick can't run her life. Kai then says he feels sorry for Popuri for having overbearing Rick as her brother.

Rick then goes all wacky and can't believe Kai said such a nasty comment. He again demands that Kai stay away from his sister, but Kai asks what happens if she comes to visit him anyway. Rick doesn't know what to say in reply, so he just angrily storms off.

This event won't happen if you've seen all four Rival Events between Popuri and Kai.

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