The first time you can experience this event is Fall 10 of your 5th year. Go to the summit of Mother's Hill after 6pm when the weather is good and you'll see some shooting stars. Usually someone can make a wish on a shooting star and it will come true, so you are presented with three things you can wish for.

1 - Any sick animal you have will become healthy again.
2 - Become better friends with all of the Mineral Town villagers.
3 - Anything you ship the following day will net you double the profit.

If you don't really care for more money, then choices 1 and 2 are fine. If you're trying to earn the Vacation Villa, choice 3 is the way to go.

You can plan for this event years in advance too. You can store food items inside of your refrigerator and anything else can be stored in your cabinet. On the 11th take everything out of storage and throw it into the shipping bin. Since you only have until 5pm (when Zack arrives for pickup), you can use the time more effectively if you take your Basket into your house, fill it up with items, and then go outside and dump the Basket's contents into the shipping bin. While you're inside the time will be stopped, allowing you to ship everything that you have stored.

While you probably won't be able to earn the full 100-million necessary for the Vacation Villa, you will earn quite a bit of money. Earning a million or so on that one day should help to reach your goal. Every 5 years you have the chance to activate the Shooting Star event. The most profitable items you can ship are...

- Mythic Stones (20,000 G)
- Pirate Treasure (10,000 G)
- Pink Diamond and Alexandrite (10,000 G)
- Fossil of Fish (5,000 G)
- X Yarn (4,000 G)
- Accessories: broach, necklace, etc (2,000 G)
- X Wool (2,000 G)
- P Yarn (1,500 G)
- RelaxTea Leaves (1,000 G)

If you're out of ideas on what to ship, you might try Chocolate. You can buy Chocolate for 100 G a piece from the store and then ship it for 100 G. Normally that doesn't sound too profitable (unless you're trying to woo Karen) but if you ship all the Chocolate during the Shooting Star event, you'll earn 200 G per piece of Chocolate you ship.

If the weather is raining you won't be able to activate this event. To guarantee good weather, save your game on the evening of the 8th before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning (the 9th), check the weather report on tv. It it's scheduled to rain on the 10th, reload your game and try again.

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