the kitchen After you expand your farmhouse once you can buy a kitchen. Watch the T.V. Shopping channel on Saturdays and you'll be able to buy the kitchen for 4,000 G. After you buy the kitchen you're going to need some utensils to cook with. Those are also bought via the T.V. Shopping channel. There are 8 types of cooking equipment you can buy.

Kitchen Utensils
Frying Pan1,200 G
Knife1,500 G
Mixer1,200 G
Oven2,500 G
Pot1,000 G
Rolling Pin750 G
Seasoning Set2,500 G
Whisk500 G

With the kitchen and matching utensils you can cook food for the villagers and yourself. You're not going to be very successful if you just throw stuff together and expect it to turn out. You're going to need to know a recipe to follow before your dish can become edible. There are 108 recipes to collect in FoMT. Some of them you can get by watching the Delicious Hour; another T.V. show that airs on Tuesdays. Another way to get recipes is to give food to the residents of Mineral Town. Sometimes they will give you a recipe to follow in exchange for your gifts.

Cooking Recipes

To start cooking make sure you don't have any items being held above your head. The ingredients you want to use can be in your rucksack or just stored in the refrigerator(If you're making a recipe you've already done before then there's no need to carry the ingredients around. The kitchen will automatically pull them out of the Fridge.) Then just press the A button while standing in the kitchen next to the counter. You'll be asked if you want to cook something new, cook a recipe from your cookbook, or cancel cooking. The cookbook is always nice to look though since you can see what pages are missing recipes that you haven't discovered yet. Anytime you want to cancel cooking just press the B button a few times.

Utensils The first thing you have to pick are the utensils you want to use. Just select the one(s) you want and press the A button. If you want to use any of the seasonings you'll need to select the set, then select what seasonings you want to use. The seasonings are Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, and Miso (in that order). To back out of the seasoning selection just press B. When you're done picking your utensils press the Start button, then press A or B to confirm.

Ingredients On the next screen is where you select the ingredients you want to use. You can use items that you've grown on your farm, picked up for free around the town, or dishes you've already cooked once before. Just select the item out of your rucksack on the right side of the screen and it will be listed over on the left side. To use the ingredients that are stored in your refridgerator, press the Down or Up buttons to move out of your rucksack and into the 'fridge. When you're finished selecting your ingredients press the Start button.

All ready to cook The last screen you'll reach is the confirmation screen. You can start your cooking, modify your ingredients, or modify the utensils you've chosen. When you choose to cook you'll hear *chop* *chop* *chop* *ding!*. If you've chosen the correct ingredients the name of the recipe will be shown to you and you'll have your new nummy dish in your hands. If not, you'll be told it wasn't successful and you'll have a hand full of burnt goo. You can give your dishes to your friends, eat them yourself, or store them in your Fridge for later.

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