Fishing The fishing in Friends of Mineral Town is sort of like the Legend of the River King games. Each fish has a name instead of being simply a Small, Medium, or Large fish. The fish are also seasonal so if you want to catch them all you'll need to know what season to look for them in.

To start you're going to need to get the Fishing Rod, which you don't start your game with. You'll need to get the rod from Zack. Go to his house on the beach and you might get the Fishing Rod from him. If not, give him a few gifts and eventually he'll give it to you.The Fishing Rod, like the rest of your tools, has levels. When you use your rod at different strengths you'll catch different kinds of fish. Hold the B button down longer when casting to use the extra strengths of the rod. To raise the rod's strength you'll need to have it upgraded by Saibara the blacksmith.

Fish Map

There are 5 locations you can fish from. The Lake is on Mother's Hill, right before you reach the summit. You can't catch any fish in the Lake during the Winter season because the water turns into ice. Upstream is right next to the lake and you can only fish from it if you're standing on the bridge. You can also catch fish in the Goddess Pond but don't throw in any empty cans or boots that you catch else she'll pop up and scold you! Downstream spreads from the south end of your farm, down past Popuri and Barley's ranches. The last place you can fish from is right off of Mineral Beach and into the Sea

Complete fish List

When you've selected a place to fish from, just equip your Fishing Rod and press the B button until you reach the level you want to use, then release the button. When you see a ! above your head, that's when you press the B button again to reel in your line. You'll either have a fish or some junk. You can't sell the junk but the fish you can ship off to Zack for a price. If you have a level 5 or 6 Fishing Rod, sometimes you can catch other things than fish ;)

Selling prices for fishable items
Small Fish 24cm or below50 G*
Medium Fish 25cm - 49cm120 G
Large Fish 50cm and above200 G
Cooking Recipe Level 5 rod, Sea, Spring onlyNot for sale
Pirate Treasure Level 6 rod, Sea, Summer only10,000 G
Fossil of Fish Level 6 rod, Sea, Fall only5,000 G
Power Berry Level 5 rod, Sea, Winter onlyNot for sale
*On the first release of the Japanese game, there was a glitch where small fish sold for 200 G a piece.

After you catch all 51 fish, the Goddess will pop up and congratulate you for completing your fish list. You won't get anything special but you can see your list by going into your menu window (press Start), selecting the Memo, and pressing the Right button once. You can see how many of everything you've caught, including the number of times you've fished up some junk.

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