There are three different kinds of Jewels to collect; Goddess, Kappa, and Truth. After you collect 9 of each kind, they'll combine into the full Gems. The Gems can be used just like one of your tools and you can regain your strength and fatigue if you use them. The Truth jewels will only appear after you have obtained the cabinet from the Tv Shopping show. The Goddess and Kappa jewels can be found hidden inside of rocks in the mines.

Gem of the Goddess
Regains your Strength if equipped

Spring Mine, floor 60
Spring Mine, floor 102
Spring Mine, floor 123
Spring Mine, floor 152
Spring Mine, floor 155
Spring Mine, floor 171
Spring Mine, floor 190
Spring Mine, floor 202
Spring Mine, floor 222

Gem of the Kappa
Regains your Fatigue if equipped

Lake Mine, floor 0
Lake Mine, floor 40
Lake Mine, floor 60
Lake Mine, floor 80
Lake Mine, floor 120
Lake Mine, floor 140
Lake Mine, floor 160
Lake Mine, floor 180
Lake Mine, floor 255

Gem of Truth
Displays your Fatigue and Strength

On your dog house roof
Check the water trough in your Horse's Barn
Exchange for 1000 medals at the Horse Races
Buy from Won for 50000 G
Check one of the lamposts between the Church and Rose Plaza
In Mary's Library, 2nd floor, middle set of shelves, furthest one to the right
Play the New Years gameshow on the tv inside of the Town Cottage
Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage
Take all 8 to Thomas' house and check the refridgerator

The Kappa and Goddess Gems are handy because they'll regain all of your strength and fatigue. Spending time in the Hot Springs or using your bathroom won't recharge you fully, but using the two gems will. If you want to see how weak you are, equip the Truth Gem and then look at it in your inventory. It will tell you how many points you have left in strength, and how many more points you need before you pass out from fatigue.

The Truth Gem doesn't actually do anything else other then display the point values of your strength and fatigue. If you want to regain your strength and fatigue, you have to equip the Kappa and Goddess Gems one at a time, then check to see how far you are by equipping the Truth Gem. The Gems also only regain their values if you're outside where time can move.

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