The layout of Mineral Town is quite similar to the Playstation game, Back To Nature. The Winery, Basil's house, and the Library have shifted north a little bit, but everything else is pretty much the same. The only new building is Kai's Snack Shack on Mineral Beach.

Mineral Town World Map

Your Farmland: If you didn't have a farm, there would be no point to the game! You live and work on your farmland. The area has lodging for your animals, a tree that produces Honey all year long, and a large patch of dirt to plant crops in.

Hot Springs:If you ever become too tired to work yet you have more work to do, take a soak in the springs for an hour. You'll feel refreshed and able to work again. To get to the Hot Springs, take the southern path leading out of your farmland.

Goddess Pond: You can fish from her pond, but the Goddess would prefer that you throw gifts into her water. She'll appear and thank you for your donation. The Goddess Pond is also the connection point between A Wonderful Life for Gamecube and Friends of Mineral Town.

Ore Mine: When you're ready to upgrade your farming equipment, you'll find the ore you need inside the mine next to the Goddess' Pond. If you're lucky you might also find some mysterious Goddess Jewels hidden inside of rocks on certain floors.

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Winter Mine: Most of the year the mine is surrounded by water, but during the Winter you can walk across the frozen lake and into the mine. Kappa lives in the lake surrounding the mine and doesn't mind if you throw him a cucumber or two.

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Mother's Hill Summit: If you walk all the way up to the top of Mother's Hill, you can see the small town of Forgotten Valley off in the distance. A few events will occur up at the top and it's always a nice place to go if you wish to watch the cloulds go by.

Carpenter: In the woods behind your farm lives Gotz. He can build extensions to your farmhouse and animals barns. Gotz also sells wood just in case you don't have enough, but it's easier just to chop up the tree stumps surrounding his house.

» Shop Hours: 11am - 04pm, closed on Saturdays
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Chicken Farm: If you need a bird then walk over to the chicken farm. Lila manages the front while her son Rick makes deliveries. The lovely Popuri lives at the farm too. Lila's husband is currently away from town, searching for medicine to help his frail wife.

» Shop Hours: 11am - 04pm, closed on Sundays
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Blacksmith: Old man Saibara lives and works in his shop. If you want to upgrade your tools to be more effective, bring him some ore from the Ore Mine. He can also make little trinkets to give as gifts to the ladies.

» Shop Hours: 10am - 04pm, closed on Thursdays
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Yodel Ranch: When you have earned enough money to buy some livestock, go to the ranch and talk with Barley. He can sell you some cows and sheep. His grandaughter May also lives with him. Barley's daughter, Joanna, has left May in his care while she is exploring the world outside of Mineral Town.

» Shop Hours: 10am - 03pm, closed on Mondays
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Rose Plaza: If the weather is nice, you will find villagers hanging out in the plaza. There is an announcement board that lists upcoming events, and even a garbage can you can use to throw away junk that you've fished up. If you throw the rubbish on the ground instead of in the trash can, then you affect riendship levels with all the villagers. Nobody likes a litterbug!

Mineral Beach: Each year several events will occur on the beach shore. When your dog has grown up, you can even take him to the beach and play frisbee with him. You can even throw your line into the water and hope you catch a fish while sitting on the dock.

Snack Shack: During the Summer season, Kai comes to visit Mineral Town and open his little cafè. He sells summerish foods for you to eat like Pizza and Baked Corn. He closes his shop half way through the day and then opens it back up later in the afternoon. Once Summertime is over, Kai returns to his home and the cafè is closed for the rest of the year.

» Shop Hours: 11am - 01pm, 05pm - 07pm, closed on Sundays
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Zack and Won: The fellow who comes by to pick up your produce every day now has to share his house with Won. If sharing wasn't bad enough, Won has set up his shop inside Zack's place. Won will sell crop and flower seeds that Jeff doesn't sell at his General Store. He'll even sell you some toys for your doggie.

» Shop Hours: 11am - 04pm, every day except holidays
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Sprite's Hut: Your little farm helpers live in a tiny house next to the church. During the Spring season they have a tea party and if you're lucky, you could be invited to attend. If a sprite isn't working on your farm he'll be in this place. They don't walk around town like the rest of the human residents.

» Shop Hours: 09am - 06pm, every day except holidays
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Church: If the weather is nice, you can see Paster Carter outside watching the children. If you become close friends with him, Carter may show you the backyard of the Church. He can also remove "cursed" tools off of your body if you pay him 1000 G.

» Shop Hours: 10am - 06pm, every day except holidays
» Confession Hours: 01pm - 04pm, available Mondays, Wednesdays, and bad weather days

Clinic: When you're not feeling well, visit the Doctor at the Mineral Clinic. You can pay 10 G to have an exam. If you wish to carry some medicine with you, buy it from sweet Elli the nurse.

» Shop Hours: 09am - 04pm, closed on Wednesdays
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General Store: Cooking ingredients and crop seeds can be purchased by Jeff at his store. His wife Sasha handles the finances and their daughter Karen helps out in the afternoons. Jeff also sells the Blue Feather that you'll need to use if you plan on getting married.

» Shop Hours: 09am - 05pm, closed on Sundays and Tuesdays
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Doug's Inn: For some reason four of your rival bachelors live in the same room at the Inn. Quite odd. Doug cooks the food and mans the cash register and his daughter Ann hosts. Doug's wife died several years earlier, leaving him to raise Ann on his own.

» Shop Hours: 08am - 09pm, every day except holidays
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Mayor's House: The town policeman and the mayor reside here. Harris is usually out walking around on patrol so he's not home much. Mayor Thomas tends to stay inside more often except when he's visiting at Rose Plaza.

Ellen's House: Next to the Mayor's house is where Elli's grandmother lives. Ellen also takes care of Yu, who is Elli's little brother. When Elli takes time off from being a nurse, she spends the day at Ellen's place.

Aja Winery: Manna can sell you wine they make from their grape fields. She even sells grape juice for those who aren't interested in the alcohol content. Duke does most of the work until your first Fall season, where he'll come by your farm and ask for your help.

» Shop Hours: 10am - noon, closed on Saturdays
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Library: The books inside of Mary's Library are full of little hints on how to play the game. You might even find the book that shows most of the sell-prices for your crops! Now you won't have to worry how much your Spinich sells for.

» Shop Hours: 10am - 04pm, closed on Mondays

Basil's House: Mary lives next door with her father Basil and her mother Anna. Basil is a naturalist who like to write books about the plants he encounters on Mother's Hill. Basil really doesn't leave the house except to go to the Inn at night, but if Anna leaves she locks the door and you can't go in to visit with him.

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