Listed below are some humorous pictures documenting how difficult it is to translate a game from Japanese into English. As hard as one tries, there's bound to be grammer errors hidden somewhere in the games. In the case of FoMT, the errors aren't even hidden . There are a lot more little glitches in the game besides these ones.

Odd #1
"hing... er... what?
Odd #2
Odd #3
I don't want anythign else...
Odd #4
I need to ready a book
Odd #5
ed up. I'm really mess
Odd #6
Every day is Anna's birthday
Odd #7
What is my name anyway?
Odd #8
It 'tis I, Sir Butter!
screen shot
Il y a un défaut...
screen shot
I'll have a violet please
screen shot
Barley dear, that's Cow Feed...
screen shot
Carter speaks in German
submitted by FantKir
Manna runs the Winery
submitted by Shiowdidi
That Sopha looks relaxing
screen shot
Where's the X-Wool?
screen shot
Barley dear, that's a Sheep...
screen shot
Topaz is a Ruby or a Topaz?
screen shot
Lillia has a new name
screen shot
Soneday I will crush it
submitted by NaotakunFURIKURI
screen shot
I think <f> is my wife?
screen shot
I don't know my name!!
screen shot
Barley is barely there.
screen shot
When the husband's away....
screen shot
Zack, do you speak English?

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