A large portion of your income will be from the crops you plant in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. During each of the 3 growing seasons you can buy seeds from Jeff or Won and plant them in the crop field area. Your field is 43 by 25 squares in size so you have quite a bit of area to plant in. Don't forget that you'll need to set aside some area of your field for planting grass and a livestock pasture.

Seasonal Crop List

If you ever wished you could make a layout of your farm land before you started planting, there is now a Farmland Configurator for you! Funkymushroom has created a little program you can use to draw out how you would like the layout of your crop field to be. To use this script, download the following .zip file and extract the contents to a folder on your hard drive. Then double click on the main.htm file. You can then draw on a virtual crop field!

» Funkymushroom's Farmland Configurator

Besides the Farmland Configurator, Funkymushroom has also created a script that will calculate the seasonal profits of your crops. Just tell the Profit Planner script how many of each plant you want to grow, when you plant the first batch, and the script will tell you how much money you'll make that season! To use this file, unzip the contents of the downloaded .zip into a folder, then open up the planner.htm file.

» Funkymushroom's Profit Planner

Each bag of seed you buy can cover a 3 by 3 square of ground (for a total of 9 pieces of soil). Before you can sow the seeds you'll have to clear the debris that have over-run the crop field. Picking up the weeds and throwing them on the grown will work, but you can also cut the weeds down with your Sickle. The small rocks you can throw into the water or smash them with your Hammer. The large rocks must be destroyed with a Hammer that has been upgraded to at least level 2. Boulders can be smashed with a level 3 hammer. Even after you've cleared everything, storms that blow inland during the Summer and Winter will bring the rocks back in.

After you've cleared the area you want to plant in, use your Hoe to till up the soil. When you're tilling the soil, keep in mind what formation you want your crops to grow in. If you plant all of the seeds into a 9 by 9 square, you won't be able to harvest the crops in the middle. If you just put seeds in a 3 by 1 rectangle, you'll waste a lot of seeds.

6 plants

7 plants

8 plants

9 plants

If you till up a square that you didn't intend to hoe, you can use a piece of lumber or a small rock to flatten the area back down. Seeds can't grow in squares that haven't been tilled. Even after you've planted your crops, you still have to water them. Your level 1 Watering Can is only able to water 1 small square at a time, but after a few upgrades you can water a whole patch of crops at once.

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons you can employ the Harvest Sprites to water and harvest your crops. Each sprite has a skills meter that shows how well he does with each one of the 3 tasks you can assign him to do; Take care of animals, harvest crops, or water crops. You can see each meter by pressing the Select button to reach your Ranch Summary, then press Left 2 times to reach the sprite's summary. The more you use each sprite on a specific task, the better he will become. Later in your game you can even fill every square of your crop field with plants and have the sprites do all the work!

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