Gotz's house When you want to upgrade buildings on your farm, go to Gotz's house. He's the carpenter for Mineral Town and will build anything you need, for a fee. Gotz is in his shop between 11am and 4pm. He spends the mornings at the lake on Mother's Hill, so he really doesn't get back to his house until around 11:10am. Gotz closes his shop on Saturdays.

To have Gotz upgrade a building on your farm, talk to him from behind the counter. He'll give you a list of buildings he can work on. Gotz's shop inventory will also show you the price of the upgrade and how many pieces of wood you need for him to do the work. To get more wood use your Ax on the tree stumps that appear on Mother's Hill. You can also buy wood from Gotz but it's more expensive then cutting it yourself. Every day the tree stumps will reappear so you can cut them up again for more wood.

Gotz's building upgrades
Wood 50 G each, buys you 1 piece of wood
Golden Wood100,000 G each, appears after you collect 999 wood
House upgrade #13,000 G + 200 wood
House upgrade #210,000 G + 700 wood
Chicken barn upgrade5,000 G + 420 wood
Animal barn upgrade6,800 G + 500 wood
Vacation Home100,000,000 G + 999 wood
Bathroom30,000 G + 580 wood
Home Window redesign25,000 G + 300 wood
Dog House redesign20,000 G + 500 wood
Mailbox redesign10,000 G + 200 wood

Village Villa The Vacation Home, when built, sits right next to Saibara's house. On the tv inside the Vacation home you'll be able to play the Goddess' Gameshow and win different prizes than you normally do during the beginning of the year in your farm house.

After you have the Bathroom built into your farm house you can use it to recharge your energy, just like you would if you were to hop into the Hot Springs. Using the Bathroom takes 30 minutes and you can't see what you're doing inside of the room.

The redesigns (windows, mailbox, and dog house) will appear in his "to do" list after you have all the other upgrades. You can have Gotz rebuild those 3 items at any point in time and you can have him do it more then once if you want. If you don't like the design you pick you can always have him build the "Red" versions, which are the ones you started out with. Gotz takes 3 days to complete each upgrade.

Red Mailbox
Blue Mailbox
Strange Mailbox

Red Dog House
Blue Dog House
Strange Dog House

Window w/ shutters
No shutters
Window w/o shutters
Round window

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