Just north of your farm you'll find the Blacksmith shop. Saibara and his grandson, Gray, will build for you new equipment that you can use on your farm. Their shop is open from 10am until 4pm and is closed on Thursdays. Talk to Saibara from the opposite side of the counter when you want to buy something.

Saibara will upgrade your farming tools, sell you equipment you use for your animals, and even will craft little gifts that you can use to woo your girl. He will tell you how much eat item will cost and how many days (if any) it will take him to make it. While Saibara and Gray are smithing, the Blacksmith shop will be closed. When they've completed the project you can go back to the shop and receive your item.

To have them upgrade one of your tools, you first need to have the ore you want to use. Each level of tool will use a different ore. The ore you can dig up (for free!) in the mine next to the Goddess' pond. Then just take the ore and your tool and talk to Saibara. He'll tell you how much it will cost to have your tool recrafted and how many days it will take him. If you agree, Saibara will kick you out of his shop and you'll have to return after the required days have gone by.

Saibara's services
Tool upgrades1000 G - 50000 G1 - 7 days
Brush800 Gno work
Milker2000 Gno work
Scissors1800 Gno work
Mayo Maker20000 G + Adamantite5 days
Cheese Maker20000 G + Adamantite5 days
Yarn Maker20000 G + Adamantite5 days
Necklace1000 G + Orihalcum2 days
Earrings1000 G + Orihalcum2 days
Bracelet1000 G + Orihalcum2 days
Broach1000 G + Orihalcum2 days

Note: The Cheese, Yarn, and Mayo makers will only appear in the shop after you've upgraded your Animal Barn and Chicken Coop.

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