Birthday »
Spring 16 (alt Sp 20)

Special Foods »
Moon Dumpling, Red Magic Grass, Hot Milk

Favorites »
Milk, Strawberries, Elli Leaves, all accessories, Pink Cat flower, Toy flower, Blue Magic Grass, Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Strawberry Milk, Noodles

Heart Events »
Black Heart
Purple Heart
Blue Heart
Yellow Heart

Other Events »
Grandpa's letter
Stu's fever

Extra love point »
Have the Doctor examine you.

Elli Elli

If you go to the Hospital you'll find Elli behind the reception counter. She wants to be a good nurse, so she helps the Doctor with anything medical. Elli also will sell you Bodigizer and Turbojolt potions, which you can use to regain your stamina or cook up for a more potent potion. You can have her sell the XL potions if you ship 50 Blue Grass and 50 Green Grass.

When the Hospital is closed on Wednesdays, she goes to visit her grandmother Ellen and her little brother Stu. Elli's parents both died a long time ago and it's been up to her and Ellen to raise Stu. Elli loves them both very much.

If you want to win Elli's heart, you're going to do battle with Doctor. Doctor is so serious in his work that he doesn't even know that Elli has feelings for him. The two of them live together upstairs in the Clinic, in separate bedrooms of course. The Doctor's rival events usually occur in the Clinic, so it's inevitable that you'll run into one or two.

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