screen shot After you complete all of the requirements, toss the Blue Feather into the Goddess' Pond. If you've earned enough affection she'll tell you that she'll marry you, then disappear back into the water. A week later you will have your wedding with the Harvest Sprites as your guests. Then she'll tell you she loves you  :) . When you walk out of the Church, the credits will start to roll.

The game isn't over though! You'll appear back in your farmhouse the next day with your lovely god-like bride. Just like all the other girls, the Goddess will ask what you would like her to call you. It doesn't matter what you pick because the Goddess will refuse anything you select and tell you that she'll call you by your first name anyway!

screen shot Now that you have the name thing cleared up, the Goddess will tell you that she's going to be very busy with her Harvest Goddess duties. Because of her work she won't be able to come home very often so it's up to you to do everything on your own. Then she'll *poof* and return back to the pond, leaving you all by yourself.

You can still continue to go visit her Pond and throw stuff into it (like a good husband would) but she doesn't say anything different. She'll still ask if you want to connect to your Gamecube and thanks you for your offering.

The Goddess doesn't participate in all the events that a normal wife would join into. During the Festival on Mother's Hill, your wife is suppose to join you at the top of the mountain. Instead of the Goddess, a normal girl who has the highest affection for you will meet you up there. It doesn't even matter if that girl is married or not! The Goddess does come by to celebrate your Birthday if you enter your farmhouse after 6pm. She even makes an appearance to celebrate her birthday. On Valentine's day she will sneak in after you have gone to bed and leave you a piece of Chocolate Cake in your rucksack.

About a season after you two get married, she'll appear one morning and announce that she's pregnant. How she can be pregnant when she sleeps in a pool of water every night I don't know, but that's not for me to explain. After she makes her announcement, she leaves the house again to return to the pond, leaving you standing there stunned off your rocker.

Two seasons later you'll be sleeping soundly when you hear the sound of a baby crying. When you get up out of bed, you notice a little baby next to you! The Goddess then appears and says the child has finally been born and asks you to give him a name. After you name him, the Goddess says that's a good name, but she has to get back to work being the Harvest Goddess. She then disappears, leaving you with the baby.

The new baby lays in bed all day long. You won't be able to pick up the Goddess' child and you also can't talk to him. You can see his friendship level with you on your summary screen but you can't do anything to raise his affection.

Sixty days after you and the Goddess have a baby, you are soundly sleeping when you hear a voice. When you open your eyes, your baby has crawled out of bed and fell on the floor! The little guy is crying loud enough for the Goddess to appear. She notices that the little guy has a "boo boo" so she uses her magical powers to heal him. Now your child is happy and giggly again, so the Goddess determines her work here is finished for now. She twinkles away and returns to the pond. Afterwards your son can crawl around on the floor, but he's still left unsupervised for most of the day.

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