blue heart event Go to the Grocery Store between 10am and 1pm. When you enter the building you'll see Jeff, Sasha, Karen, and Duke talking. Karen asks if what Duke has said is true and how happy she is, then thanks her mom and dad. When Karen was born, Jeff had asked Duke to make some wine and now Duke's come by to let them know it's ready to be picked up. Jeff asks if you would like to go with her to pick it up.

If you agree (option 1), you, Karen, and Duke head back to the winery. Duke fishes around in the basement and find the wine that is labeled "Karen". She thanks him but before she leaves, Duke says there's more in the basement! Apparently Jeff was so happy about the birth of his daughter, he ordered Duke to make 3 cases of wine. Karen asks if you'll help them take it all back to the store.

Back at her place, Karen says she's tired but to thank you for your help she gives you a bottle of her new wine.

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