Karen's food Go to the Grocery Store on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday between 10am and 1pm. Karen has been cooking in in the kitchen. She walks out from the back and tells her parents that she's confident she was successful this time. Her mom and dad chuckle nervously and then agree that she must have. Karen then asks her parents if they would like to taste what she's made! Poor Jeff laughs and asks why she wants them to taste her food, so Karen tells them she wants to know if it's any good. Sasha whispers to Jeff that Karen's food will probably make them sick. Jeff whispers back that they probably have to taste it so as to not hurt their daughter's feelings. They know their girl can't cook anything! Jeff's stomach problems "suddenly" acts-up again and he can't eat her food. Karen then sees you walk in, much to Jeff and Sasha's delight! The two of them are happy to see you've arrived. Jeff then volunteers you to taste Karen's cooking. If you agree then you'll follow Karen back into the kitchen while Jeff and Sasha stay in the store and softly apologize for the punishment you're about to endure.

Karen's food Back in the kitchen Karen tells you to hurry up and eat the food. Reluctant at first, you take the food and eat it. Then you pass out because it's so bad.

You'll wake up in the Hospital. Doc asks if you're all right, then asks Karen what might of caused you to zonk out. Karen thinks you might of just been tired but Doc doesn't think that's the reason for your trip to his office. Karen honestly doesn't realize her food is the cause and tells you to remember to breath the next time you eat!

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