Mary's Book Go to Basil's house on Monday between 10am and 1pm. Inside you'll find Mary's parents, who appear to be concerned about something. Mary is in an unhappy mood and Basil doesn't know what to say. The two of them are pondering what to do when they get a brainstorm and ask you to talk to her and find out what's wrong. They tell you she's on the 2nd floor.

Upstairs, Mary guesses that her Dad sent you up to talk to her. She's really not upset and thinks he must be misunderstanding. She goes back downstairs to explain.

Now that Mary's cleared things up, both Basil and Mana are happy. Turns out the problem was about the subject of a new novel. Basil asks if you would have an idea as to what it should be. You can choose from "you don't know", working on the farm, or Basil's work. If you tell them to make the novel about working on the farm, they all think it's a good idea. Mary asks if you would spend an hour explaining how farm life is. The "interview" actually ended up being longer then expected so Mary apologizes. Then she thanks you for the time you've spent with her. When you return back outside it'll be 6pm.

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