Birthday »
Summer 3 (alt Su 10)

Special Foods »
Omlette Rice, Omlette, Scrambled Eggs

Favorites »
Strawberry recipes, all Eggs, Chocolate, Apple recipes, Cakes, Sandwiches, all accessories, Ice Cream, Diamonds

Heart Events »
Black Heart
Purple Heart
Blue Heart
Yellow Heart

Other Events »
B.Shop Business
Buy the necklace!
A Child's love
Popuri's mail order

Extra love point »
Own 8 chickens

Popuri Popuri

Popuri lives on the poultry farm with her brother Rick and her mother Lila. She has a personality you might describe as "bubbly". Her dad is currently away from Mineral Town, researching a treatment for her mother's weak body. In his absence, big-brother Rick has taken the responsibility of looking after her. Unfortunately he also tends to be a little over protective, especially when it comes to Kai and his summertime visits.

Most every morning she'll walk up to the Hot Springs and hang out with Ann. Sundays are the only exception and you might find her at the Church or walking along in Rose Plaza. During the Summer her routine changes again to accommodate for a small trip to Mineral Beach to visit Kai.

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