Between 10am and 1pm go to the Church on Sunday and you'll find Carter, Popuri, Stu, and May. May is wants to play "house" so Carter get elected to be the dad and Popuri is the mom. Carter rejects the whole dad-idea which irritates May a little bit, although Stu is more then willing to play something else. Poor Carter looks distressed until he sees you walk in. Carter and Popuri asks if you will play with the kids instead of Carter. Agree to play with them (option 1).

The 4 of you head up to the hot springs on Mother's Hill to play "house". Popuri pretends to be your wife while May welcomes her "daddy" home. Something that May says upsets Stu and he runs off crying. When the two kids leave Popuri thanks you for playing house with them and gives you some Mud Dumplings. You were pretending to play house after all, might as well have some mud food

This event doesn't occur during the Summer season because Popuri spends her time down at the Beach with Kai instead of at the Church. You also must own the Large Rucksack.

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