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Fall 19

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Milk, Red Magic Grass, All Wild Grasses

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Black Heart
Blue Heart
Green Heart
Orange Heart

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Doctor's Misdiagnosis
Family memories
Stu's fever

Doctor Doctor portrait

The Doctor is the head fellow in charge of Mineral Clinic. If you aren't feeling well then you can go visit him and he'll give you an examination. His nurse Elli sells potions that you can drink (or cook with) that will make you feel better. If you ever work yourself until you pass out, you'll wake up in the clinic and have to listen to a stern scolding from the Doc.

Doctor usually keeps to himself since he's a very serious person. The only time you're going to see him outside the clinic is on Wednesdays when it's closed. Sometimes he goes to the yearly festivals to watch the events. He also likes to go to Mary's Library on Wednesdays and reads the books upstairs.

Elli has a lot of admiration towards Doctor and is secretly infatuated with him. Doctor is sometimes too busy to notice Elli's affection but if you see all of their Heart Events together, the two of them will get married.

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