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Winter 13

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Milk, Spa-Boiled Eggs, Carrots, Rice Cakes

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Grandpa's letter
Stu's fever

Ellen Ellen's portrait

Ellen is Elli and Stu's grandmother. She watches over Stu while Elli is working at the Clinic. On wednesdays Elli comes to vist her grandma and little brother.

When Ellen was younger, she was very sick and it caused her legs to weaken. She spends all day in her house next to Mary's library and doesn't even go to any of the festivals. The only time she's seen out of her house is at Elli's wedding ceramony. Since she can't leave her chair, often she'll ask you to do favors for her when you go to visit.

In order to participate in the Stocking Festival (Wi 25) you're going to need to become good friends with Ellen. If you give her a ball of Yarn (any size) and she likes you enough, she will knit you a stocking to hang on the coathanger in your house. If you go to bed after 9pm on the 25th of Winter, Thomas will come by and give you a little gift.

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